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tr.v. dis·en·chant·ed, dis·en·chant·ing, dis·en·chants
To free from illusion or false belief; undeceive.

[Obsolete French desenchanter, from Old French, to break a spell : des-, dis- + enchanter, to enchant; see enchant.]

dis′en·chant′er n.
dis′en·chant′ing·ly adv.
dis′en·chant′ment n.
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(tr; when passive, foll by with or by) to make disappointed or disillusioned: she is disenchanted with the marriage.
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(ˌdɪs ɛnˈtʃænt, -ˈtʃɑnt)

to rid of or free from enchantment, illusion, credulity, etc.; disillusion.
[1580–90; < Middle French]
dis`en•chant′er, n.
dis`en•chant′ing, adj.
dis`en•chant′ing•ly, adv.
dis`en•chant′ment, n.
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Past participle: disenchanted
Gerund: disenchanting

I disenchant
you disenchant
he/she/it disenchants
we disenchant
you disenchant
they disenchant
I disenchanted
you disenchanted
he/she/it disenchanted
we disenchanted
you disenchanted
they disenchanted
Present Continuous
I am disenchanting
you are disenchanting
he/she/it is disenchanting
we are disenchanting
you are disenchanting
they are disenchanting
Present Perfect
I have disenchanted
you have disenchanted
he/she/it has disenchanted
we have disenchanted
you have disenchanted
they have disenchanted
Past Continuous
I was disenchanting
you were disenchanting
he/she/it was disenchanting
we were disenchanting
you were disenchanting
they were disenchanting
Past Perfect
I had disenchanted
you had disenchanted
he/she/it had disenchanted
we had disenchanted
you had disenchanted
they had disenchanted
I will disenchant
you will disenchant
he/she/it will disenchant
we will disenchant
you will disenchant
they will disenchant
Future Perfect
I will have disenchanted
you will have disenchanted
he/she/it will have disenchanted
we will have disenchanted
you will have disenchanted
they will have disenchanted
Future Continuous
I will be disenchanting
you will be disenchanting
he/she/it will be disenchanting
we will be disenchanting
you will be disenchanting
they will be disenchanting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been disenchanting
you have been disenchanting
he/she/it has been disenchanting
we have been disenchanting
you have been disenchanting
they have been disenchanting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been disenchanting
you will have been disenchanting
he/she/it will have been disenchanting
we will have been disenchanting
you will have been disenchanting
they will have been disenchanting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been disenchanting
you had been disenchanting
he/she/it had been disenchanting
we had been disenchanting
you had been disenchanting
they had been disenchanting
I would disenchant
you would disenchant
he/she/it would disenchant
we would disenchant
you would disenchant
they would disenchant
Past Conditional
I would have disenchanted
you would have disenchanted
he/she/it would have disenchanted
we would have disenchanted
you would have disenchanted
they would have disenchanted
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Verb1.disenchant - free from enchantment
disappoint, let down - fail to meet the hopes or expectations of; "Her boyfriend let her down when he did not propose marriage"
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vternüchtern; he became disenchanted with her/itsie/es ernüchterte ihn
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References in classic literature ?
He had asked himself if he had not met me too late--if he were not already a man soured and broken by the disappointments and disenchantments of the past?
Nothing could equal the fullness of that moment, the ideal completeness of that emotional experience which had come to me without the preliminary toil and disenchantments of an obscure career.
'my life' and 'my soul,' and his stay and prop- may and ought to whip himself for her and take all the trouble required for her disenchantment. But for me to whip myself!
To which Merlin made answer, "The devil, Sancho, is a blockhead and a great scoundrel; I sent him to look for your master, but not with a message from Montesinos but from myself; for Montesinos is in his cave expecting, or more properly speaking, waiting for his disenchantment; for there's the tail to be skinned yet for him; if he owes you anything, or you have any business to transact with him, I'll bring him to you and put him where you choose; but for the present make up your mind to consent to this penance, and believe me it will be very good for you, for soul as well for body- for your soul because of the charity with which you perform it, for your body because I know that you are of a sanguine habit and it will do you no harm to draw a little blood."
Just now, since his disenchantment with farming, Levin was particularly glad to stay with Sviazhsky.
And hazardous, too; for in attempting a disenchantment without the true key, you are liable to err, and turn your hogs into dogs, and the dogs into cats, the cats into rats, and so on, and end by reducing your materials to nothing finally, or to an odorless gas which you can't follow -- which, of course, amounts to the same thing.
But there was one more disenchantment waiting him by the way.
When you marry him you must save him from a cruel disenchantment by raising yourself to the level he fancies you have attained.
'Let nobody tell you that the disenchantment is only in the NPP and the LPDP, there are lots of disenchantments within the Congress for Democratic Change and I think as a body, together we all representing the interest of our partisans, they are depending on us and they look up to us to protect their interest,' Chief Allen says.
Eight chapters are: metaculture and its malcontents; Buddhist circuits and the oworldingo practices in North India; seductions and disenchantments in the making of an ecomuseum; imprisoning ethnic heritage in French Guiana; indigenous crafts, political re-enchantment and the rational of heritage making in Costa Rica; Mexico for sale; feeding disenchantment; tourism values and the becoming ordinary of heritage.
Thus, romanticism is defined by the impossibility of its definition; its strength lies in its weakness; its power to create is its power to destroy; its disenchantments enchant.
Nina LaCour's novel, "The Disenchantments," is a story of a one-week road trip filled with quirky dives and coincidental tattoos, the tensions of friendship and love, secrets and lies, and girl-power bands.