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v. dis·en·tan·gled, dis·en·tan·gling, dis·en·tan·gles
1. To extricate from entanglement or involvement; free. See Synonyms at extricate.
2. To clear up or resolve (a plot, for example); unravel.
To become free of entanglement.

dis′en·tan′gle·ment n.
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Noun1.disentanglement - the act of releasing from a snarled or tangled conditiondisentanglement - the act of releasing from a snarled or tangled condition
freeing, liberation, release - the act of liberating someone or something
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فَك، حَلٌ مِن
greiîsla úr flækju


(disinˈtӕŋgl) verb
to free from being tangled; to unravel. The bird could not disentangle itself from the net.
ˌdisenˈtanglement noun
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The accessibility of Riah proving very useful as to a few hints towards the disentanglement of Eugene's affairs, Lightwood applied himself with infinite zest to attacking and harassing Mr Fledgeby: who, discovering himself in danger of being blown into the air by certain explosive transactions in which he had been engaged, and having been sufficiently flayed under his beating, came to a parley and asked for quarter.
Nevertheless, when we look round and see that hardly anyone is too ugly or disagreeable to find a wife or a husband if he or she wants one, whilst many old maids and bachelors are above the average in quality and culture, we cannot help suspecting that the disentanglement of sex from the associations with which it is so commonly confused, a disentanglement which persons of genius achieve by sheer intellectual analysis, is sometimes produced or aided by parental fascination.
Then she murmured, "How can Cassandra--" but changed her sentence to the opposite of what she meant to say and ended, "how could she herself have been so blind?" But it was unnecessary to follow out such riddles when the presence of Ralph supplied her with more interesting problems, which somehow became involved with the little boat crossing the river, the majestic and careworn City, and the steamers homecoming with their treasury, or starting in search of it, so that infinite leisure would be necessary for the proper disentanglement of one from the other.
The process of legal disentanglement will be complex enough before it is caught in hung-parliament trench warfare, trampled into the mud of incomprehension.
He also worked on the disentanglement of Nationale Nederlanden and ING where he built a new operational security department (OSS) from a greenfield situation within ING.
Two other specimens were caught in tuna gillnets in 2010 in Gwadar and 2014 in offshore waters near Ormara which died during disentanglement. Earlier, this week an 8-meter sperm whale was found dead off Sardinia with 22 kilograms of plastic in its belly.
The historical background of Os odontoideum revealed that the first case has been illustrated as disentanglement of the odontoid process in 1863.
Xymplexis, meaning disentanglement, invites the audience to disconnect from the virtual web which has been created within the online digital realm, where people know more about what is happening half way across the earth, rather than what is happening in their own back yard.
Stranding and disentanglement organizations on the East Coast are very busy responding to reports of right whales, and always looking for a little extra help.
"And it would require disentanglement from state laws, waivers from the federal government and elimination of all commercial insurance."
Hatzikiriakos [7-9] reported that weak slip is induced by desorption of a few chains from the flow channel surface or by a partial disentanglement of the bulk from the molecular layer strongly absorbed to the wall.