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tr.v. dis·fig·ured, dis·fig·ur·ing, dis·fig·ures
To mar or spoil the appearance or shape of; deform.

[Middle English disfiguren, from Old French desfigurer : des-, dis- + figure, figure (from Latin figūra, shape; see dheigh- in Indo-European roots).]

dis·fig′u·ra′tion, dis·fig′ure·ment n.
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Noun1.disfiguration - an appearance that has been spoiled or is misshapen; "there were distinguishing disfigurements on the suspect's back"; "suffering from facial disfiguration"
appearance, visual aspect - outward or visible aspect of a person or thing
2.disfiguration - the act of damaging the appearance or surface of something; "the defacement of an Italian mosaic during the Turkish invasion"; "he objected to the dam's massive disfigurement of the landscape"
scathe, damage, harm, hurt - the act of damaging something or someone
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n. desfiguración, desfiguramiento.
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The wide-open blue eyes looked up at Godfrey's without any uneasiness or sign of recognition: the child could make no visible audible claim on its father; and the father felt a strange mixture of feelings, a conflict of regret and joy, that the pulse of that little heart had no response for the half-jealous yearning in his own, when the blue eyes turned away from him slowly, and fixed themselves on the weaver's queer face, which was bent low down to look at them, while the small hand began to pull Marner's withered cheek with loving disfiguration.
There has been an increasing usage of dental implants which deploys titanium and zirconium for the treatment of individuals who have suffered from accidents and congenital deformities resulting in disfiguration. There has been a rising trend in patients opting for dental esthetic procedures that involves the usage of orthodontic appliances which has been adding to market growth.
Miss Clark said: "It is clear Mr Baird has been left with some disfiguration to his ear lobe."
But when it comes to ultrasound treatments, not all are created equalsome are even fake and can cause long-lasting disfiguration! But how do you spot the real thing?
"A monopoly in health insurance is a disfiguration of the market because of a lack of demand," he explained.
I know many friends, cousins, mothers and aunties who are so uncomfortable in their own skin that they risked getting skin cancer, mercury poisoning and skin disfiguration, just to appear lighter in colour.
At Lilly's farm, harvesting of the flowers happens the same day they are to be transported to Holland to avoid loss of value through withering or disfiguration.She cuts the flowers twice a week continuously for four to five weeks, after which she harvests and cures the bulbs for replanting and sells the excess ones.
It is significant that in the above hadith, the impurity that develops, or that is to a degree inflicted, is likened to an actual injury or deformity -- it is a disfiguration of the natural state of the human being.
'Disfiguration', a joint exhibition by artists Hassan Meer, Safa al Belushi, Ruqaiya Abdullah and Riham Noor al Zadjali, which was inaugurated at Stal Gallery last week, holds out an earnest
(5) These cysts are not locally invasive and have virtually no malignant potential but can cause significant local disfiguration. (3,5)