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The young women who appear undressed as clubland disgorgers at weekends are always first in taxis with slavering youths.
That we need government to require dehookers on reef fishing trips is absurd, given that we've always had handy pliers or disgorgers to retrieve hooks from spiky, toothy critters caught far from shore.
Prizes on offer include Daiwa Fishing Reels and four-meter whips through to floating torches and disgorgers. Everyone gets a prize and a range of baits, the EA rod licence and a ticket to the water, plus the help of qualified coaches.
Couple of disgorgers, new box of assorted shot, swivels, couple of pike floats and deadbait rigs, three plugs, bread punchers and a new monkey climber bait indicator completed my tackle purchases.
A recent In-Fisherman TV trip to fish the King Fisher Society's famous bluegill lake, Richmond Mill, near Laurel Hill, North Carolina, proved again how critical it is to have an adequate disgorger with you to remove hooks taken deeply.
ALWAYS carry a good quality disgorger on EVERY fishing trip.