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Therefore, on the spacecraft's first pass through the gap, its large, dish-shaped antenna will go in first to act as a shield for the rest of its instruments.
com/nasa-images-saturn-its-rings-cassini-spacecraft-goes-dangerous-mission-2530882) turned a dish-shaped antenna on the spacecraft to act as a shield, cutting off its line of communication with Earth for a tense almost 24 hours.
Cassini will use its 13-feet long dish-shaped high-gain antenna as a protective shield while passing through the ring plane, although, scientists do not expect any particles larger than smoke particles.
Rather than using traditional dish-shaped telescopes, CHIME consists of four 100-metre-long cylindrical reflectors which cover an area larger than five professional hockey rinks and gathers signals for the critical computational analyses supplied by the AMD FirePro S9300 x2 GPU cluster.
By pairing two EnStationAC units in a point-to-point deployment and aligning the dish-shaped antennas, the narrow-focused, wireless beam provides high bandwidth and reliable high- speed connectivity over extremely long distances.
is is a Chinese black-glazed jar, probably dating from the 12th or 13th century, which is actually quite a late date for a vessel with this sort of dish-shaped mouth.
A third large semi-subterranean building was also unearthed, as was a simple dish-shaped pit structure furnished with a single post-hole that could have supported only a comparatively light roof for its earliest curvilinear earth floor, with a cluster of small stake holes providing evidence of a similarly light super-structure during a later re-occupation of the building.
Males do most of the work in shallow water fanning foot-wide dish-shaped hollows in the bottom.
ALMA is a growing collection of high precision, dish-shaped antennas that work together as one large telescope to observe the Universe with groundbreaking detail and sensitivity.
An additional 190 mid-frequency dish-shaped antennas, each about 15 m high will be built.
An odd, dish-shaped leaf hangs above the vine's ring of flowers.
You venture into a recreation of a West African fort, climb some steps in the dark and then peer over a railing to watch a film projected on to a dish-shaped screen below.