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Lacking in harmony.

dis′har·mo′ni·ous·ly adv.


(ˌdɪs hɑrˈmoʊ ni əs)

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Adj.1.disharmonious - lacking in harmony
inharmonious, unharmonious - not in harmony


Characterized by unpleasant discordance of sound:
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The author argues that the judgment of ugliness originates in the disharmonious play between the faculties of imagination and understanding.
A disharmonious brick wall is being built by the Majlis Technical and Engineering Office as a security measure.
But upstart vanguardists like Charles Ives and Henry Cowell instead took an idiosyncratic and disharmonious approach that shirked European models.
Hence, the communal conception of beauty means that whatever is judged as beautiful must not be socially disharmonious, but it must also enhance community balance.
The social sector appears to lag far behind in terms of unreasonable or untenable social structure, an imperfect social system yet to be reformed, conspicuous and frequent social contradictions and problems, and pressure from living in a disharmonious and unstable society.
Parents may be unemployed, disharmonious families or with financial troubles.
Planning###1) Lack of evidence-based decision making, 2) Disharmonious planning of governmental organisation, 3) Parallel duties for organisations, 4) Absence of
assessed the relationship between the speaker and the person(s) being criticized to determine whether it would create a disharmonious relationship within the workplace or interfere with the requisite loyalty and confidence of an efficient business.
Studies published in important Management journals demonstrate the impact of a business on society starting with products available to consumers (Pergelova & Angulo-Ruiz, 2013); the bullying relationships generating a disharmonious corporate climate among employees (Martiningo & Smith, 2008); or the analysis of corruption and lack of transparency (Castelo-Branco & Delgado, 2012), for example.
Rhythm, according to Lefebvre, is thus not in itself harmonious or disharmonious, but can be so in specific combinations and situations.
19) The harmonies of the universe, the state, and the individual mind were revealed in the melodiousness of music; likewise, discord in the state and the individual could be identified through disharmonious music.
Justice Sow insisted that based on the evidence before the court, Taylor should have walked free, because the prosecution case was "altogether very unsatisfactory, inherently disharmonious, and filled with too many confusions and inaccuracies; and this, in my opinion, is fatal to the prosecution's case.