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A loose, long-sleeved garment; a thobe.

[Colloquial Arabic dišdāša.]
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(Clothing & Fashion) a white long-sleeved collarless garment worn by Muslim men in the Arabian peninsula
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One of the most prominent commodities that were traded in Wajif market were women's clothes such as dresses, cloaks, the hijab, headdresses, as well as menswear such as the dishdasha and scarfs, Al-Qattan explained.
Behind an oversized desk, which takes up half the width of his office, Ghareeb sits comfortably in a wool dishdasha.
Additionally, in commemoration of the recent National Day celebrations, the first Dishdasha challenge brought to Spartan the first participant undertaking the obstacle course in his traditional Dishdasha.
The Jordanian writer was shot dead Sunday by a bearded man dressed in a dishdasha as he made his way up the courthouse steps in Amman's central Abdali district.
The thobe, jalabiya, dishdasha, or kandura as they're known in the Arab world are the same but differ ever so slightly, in the way the collar is folded or the sleeves for example, but they basically hold the same concept.
Abu Dhabi -- Raymond, India's premium suiting brand, is set to launch a range of the traditional Arab dress, dishdasha or kundurah, in cotton for the GCC market, where its sales and network of retail outlets are growing strongly.
At the end, when the by then furious, mainly dishdasha (thobe)-clad audience was asked if they had any questions, almost everyone did!
The wide collection of apparel includes stylish Hijabs, Abayas, DishDasha's, Jilbabs, Kurtis and Skirts.
"He came here and he asked us for help and I said yes," says Namiq, 41, wearing a long, white dishdasha robe.
Summary: Kipp's does think there is an unjustified fear UAE residents have for anyone dressed in a dishdasha. Do you agree?
But the five-year-old took off too early, stumbling on the opposite side of the fence to send 'Chocolate' airborne, and though the jockey made a brilliant recovery to finally get his horse home in third, Dishdasha took advantage to win the pounds 6,000-plus prize.
"The clothes girls would wear include the colourful bukhnaq and Dara'a (traditional dress) while boys would wear a dishdasha (thawb) and a qahfiya (cap)," he said.