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1. Characterized by or causing dishonor or discredit.
2. Lacking integrity; unprincipled.

dis·hon′or·a·ble·ness n.
dis·hon′or·a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.dishonorably - in a dishonorable manner; "he acted dishonorably"
honorably, uprightly - in an honorable manner; "he acted honorably"
2.dishonorably - with dishonor; "he was dishonorably discharged"
honourably, honorably - with honor; "he was honorably discharged after many years of service"
3.dishonorably - in a dishonorable manner or to a dishonorable degree; "his grades were disgracefully low"
References in classic literature ?
I believed that he had never acted dishonorably, and I begged him to tell me the history.
Old File, Young File, and myself were all dishonorably mentioned together in a second paragraph, as runaways of inferior importance Not a word was said in the handbill to show that the authorities at Barkingham even so much as suspected the direction in which any one of us had escaped.
More than 4,000 additional people dishonorably discharged from the military have been added to a federal database prohibiting them from buying guns after a mass shooting in Texas last year, according to (https://www.
Jeffrey Nance, ruled Bergdahl should be dishonorably discharged from the U.
The Philippine National Police acted dishonorably in the days leading up to the burial of 'Kulot'-the 14-year-old boy, Reynaldo de Guzman, who went missing in Cainta, Rizal, and whose badly mutilated body was found, 18 days later, in Gapan, Nueva Ecija.
Dishonorably dismissed from the Army after twelve years of service as a First Lieutenant in the 6th Calvary, Scott Dunham sets out to prospect and hunt in New Mexico.
Hours before the Supreme Military Council began its annual meeting in Ankara, the armed forces dishonorably discharged nearly 1,700 personnel for their alleged role in the July 15-16 putsch in which a faction of the armed forces tried to topple President Tayyip Erdogan.
This historical study centers on President Theodore RooseveltAEs controversial decision to dishonorably discharge all the members of a black battalion, even though only a few of them were involved in an August 1906 night of violence in Brownsville, Texas.
A dishonorably discharged army veteran, Morgan headed to Cuba in 1957 to join the Second Front, one of several distinct movements fighting for Cuban independence.
If we find out that somebody is engaging in that stuff, they have got to be held accountable, court martialled, fired, dishonorably discharged," Obama said.
Manning, 25, will be dishonorably discharged from the US military and forfeit some pay, Lind said.
Judge Denise Lind also dishonorably discharged Manning, 25, from the military at the court martial at Fort Meade, a US Army base in Maryland.