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A flat-bottomed basin for washing dishes.


(Cookery) chiefly US and Canadian a large pan for washing dishes, pots, etc



a large pan in which dishes, pots, etc., are washed.
[1870–75, Amer.]


A pan used for washing dishes. Usually the water would be heated in the pan.
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Noun1.dishpan - large pan for washing dishes
pan - shallow container made of metal
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But there wan't no romance floating around in dishpans and washtubs, or in factories and hash-joints.
But my joy was short-lived, and my heart sank once again as a moment later I saw a mighty paw insinuated into the opening--a paw as large around as a large dishpan.
In place of a dishwasher, we use Rubbermaid 4-gallon dishpans to wash dishes in, and we place the dishes in a custom-built rack for drying and storage.
Instead, use two bowls, dishpans, or sinks--one for washing and one for rinsing.
Dishpans are set on the cookstove or outside in the sun.
The things to be "given away" included steamer trunks, footlockers, and scores of enamel dishpans.
Most prairie lakes have basins shaped like dishpans.
As the children lined up and left for recess, they helped themselves to carrot sticks and breadsticks from the red plastic dishpans, referred to as "snack buckets," in Room 20.
Certainly, the chores of more than a few pioneer women included marching into the yard to dump dishpans of water on some struggling little rosebush.
The list of items needed for the most basic papermaking is simple: water, screen mesh (plastic or metal hardware cloth), plastic dishpans, paper scraps (newspapers, magazines, construction paper, computer paper, etc.
The clothes, the colors, and the mere material culture of tablecloths, kitchen chairs, dishpans, and typewriters suggest this.