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A towel for drying dishes.


chiefly US and Canadian a towel for drying dishes and kitchen utensils. Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): tea towel


(ˈdɪʃˌtaʊ əl)

a towel for drying dishes.
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Noun1.dishtowel - a towel for drying dishesdishtowel - a towel for drying dishes    
towel - a rectangular piece of absorbent cloth (or paper) for drying or wiping
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Phyllis snatched the dishtowel out of Safiyah's hand.
There was a box of salt, spout up like a bird beak, a dishtowel around the baby, and a little bottle of cooking oil.
She put on an expression of mock outrage and twirled the dishtowel into a rope that she snapped at my backside.
Pat the chickpeas very dry with a clean dishtowel or paper towels.
Henry came out of the kitchen, wiping his hands on a dishtowel. Gretchen followed behind him.
Fortunately, I have a dishtowel in my hand and catch the eardrum vandal in its soft folds.
For example, "a dishtowel get wet when it dries' and 'blackberries are green when they are red.' I have taken some of these and put them in (what else but) a limerick format." Here are Bill's anomalies:
Her tone is often light and humorous, especially when domestic, ordinary events are described through the use of personifications, as in 'Dish Towel Speaks' and 'The Infant of Prague with a Black Eye' where the adventures of a dishtowel and a statue are narrated:
Coordinating oven mitts, potholders and dishtowel sets are available.
Cover with a dishtowel and leave in a warm place - do not move for 24 hrs.
Here's a tip from our expert: When you're making rice, tie a dishtowel firmly around the underside of the lid of your pan (so the open part is on top of the lid)-it absorbs the moisture and makes fluffier rice.