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Divested of bodily nature or form; disembodied: disincarnate spirits.
tr.v. (-nāt′) dis·in·car·nat·ed, dis·in·car·nat·ing, dis·in·car·nates
To divest of bodily nature or form.
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Verb1.disincarnate - make immaterial; remove the real essence of
immaterialise, immaterialize, unsubstantialise, unsubstantialize - render immaterial or incorporeal
incarnate - make concrete and real
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It will attempt to reframe debates, instead of speaking to the point; it will subtly violate the sense of place on which authentic salutary nationalism depends by disincarnating the country, by referring continually to the political entity "the Republic of Ireland" rather than to that happy coincidence of the political and geographical that we used to call Ireland (and should do so again).