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tr. & intr.v. dis·in·cor·po·rat·ed, dis·in·cor·po·rat·ing, dis·in·cor·po·rates
To remove or become removed from the status of a corporation: After the city was disincorporated, it was reabsorbed into the township. The county legislators allowed the small city to disincorporate.

dis′in·cor′po·ra′tion n.
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vb (tr)
obsolete to remove from a corporation or society
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The VVAW and the G.I.s who were against the war made their bodies visible and charged them with countercultural, dissenting value to ward off any official post-war attempt to re-interpret them as icons of national pride and bravery: they articulated "resistance through images, tropes and poetics of mutilation in which the fragmented, dismembered, disincorporated (masculine) body signifies both the brutal incoherence of the war and the failure of dominant ideology's notion of the soldier body as an impenetrable totality" (Bibby 1996, 9).
Due to a negative experience with Dade County services (Wisckol, 1997), Stearns fervently promoted a vision of metropolitan reform that included fully incorporated municipalities and a disincorporated Miami.
Although the Act lacked real teeth, it "prohibited plural marriage in the territories, disincorporated the Mormon Church, voided territorial laws that established or supported polygamy, and restricted the holdings of religious organizations in the territories to $50,000." (57) The U.S.
Dana, founded in 1763, was one of four towns disincorporated in 1938 to make way for the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir.
Were the Establishment Clause disincorporated, the religion clauses in state constitutions would be the first line of protection for religious freedom.
Fort McMurray was disincorporated as a town in 1995 and designated an "urban service area" within the much larger Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (at some 70,000 square kilometers, the RMWB covers most of the northeast corner of Alberta).
available for a violation of that right disincorporated the injunctive
see also Appendix A (listing other disincorporated cities in Texas).
The experience of sixty years of Supreme Court decisions, applying an incorporated Establishment Clause to the states, has produced constitutional norms that would be very difficult to erase from our culture even if the Establishment Clause were disincorporated tomorrow.
Ranciere's 'corporealized politics' or his politics of disincorporated subjects is a space of excesses (outrances), evanescence, intermittence (Gibson, 2005, 2006) and of in-betweens (in between desire and the emancipated spectator).
He disincorporated the name several months later, after being contacted by university lawyers from the downtown firm of Lewis, Rice & Fingersh.