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n.1.One who, or that which, disinfects; an apparatus for applying disinfectants.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Also, the firm wrote that this new feature would affect disinfector utilitites.
All Miele sterilisation and disinfector products to be showcased at the four-day event are CE certified and endorsed by Germany's Robert Koch Institute, the government organisation responsible for disease control and prevention, it added.
For the past four weeks, the Southbridge hospital's environmental services unit has been using a nearly 6-foot-tall, 216-pound Rapid Disinfector robot, whose ultraviolet light from 20 lamps destroys hard-to-kill microorganisms.
Medisafe NIAGARA SI-PCF is the first high capacity, da Vinci validated, pass-through washer disinfector. Revolutionary 3-in-1 cleaning technology provides sonic-irrigation, high capacity lumen flushing, and impingement washing.
Farms can improve their bio-security with a cleverly designed home built boot disinfector that's simple and inexpensive to make.
Arjo also focuses on infection control with the Tornado and Ninjo (flusher disinfector) disinfectants and Flites (disposable slings).
European materials handling specialists Carier have developed a Safe-Guard range of environmental products which includes a UV Disinfector and compact DAF (dissolved air flotation) units.
This is an instruction about "sanitary rules for the inhabitants of the Kremlin." It reads, "All those arriving [by train] shall before entering their accommodation take a bath and hand the dirty clothes to the disinfector [at the baths] ...
Harrington Hospital is one of the few health care systems in the region with an ultraviolet disinfector, according to Kathleen Davis, vice president of quality and patient safety at Harrington.