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tr.v. dis·in·formed, dis·in·form·ing, dis·in·forms
To give disinformation to.

[Back-formation from disinformation.]

dis′in·form′er, dis′in·form′ant n.
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vb (tr)
to deliberately supply false information to
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Sadly, this comes as no surprise, given that the lead candidate is Boris Johnson, the Leave campaign's most prominent architect and a man who continues to dissemble, exaggerate, and disinform the public about Brexit.
The Defence Ministry said the connections drawn between the tax issue and the Rafale matter is "inaccurate, tendentious and a mischievous attempt to disinform."
) only writers, broadcasters and media persons like me had the exclusivity then to inform (or to disinform), to give accurate news ( or fake news), to entertain or criticize, to interpret (or misinterpret) events and facts.
class="MsoNormalIn reporting food safety, the job of reporters is to inform mdash not misinform or disinform. A reporter should not peddle conjecture, guesswork, supposition or theory.
(22) A media firestorm ensued with daily stories about OSI's apparent intent to disinform foreign media appearing in all the major American media outlets such as the Washington Post, Fox News, and National Public Radio.
To misinform, she said, is to 'inadvertently share false information' while 'disinform' is to deliberately create and share information known to be false.
To misinform is to inadvertently share false information; to disinform is to deliberately create and share information known to be false.
Thus, the military trolls will try to distribute fake news through commenting on mainstream news posts and upvote through sharing and commenting the fakes ones and their purpose is to disinform the society and alter opinions.
And the danger looks less like old-fashioned espionage than like postmodern mischief: not just cyber-attacks but also major efforts to use media, think tanks, political parties, and other organs of opinion in Europe to disinform, disorient, and disrupt.
(ii) stealthy attacks: it is an intelligent attack to disinform a sensor network in a manner that to escape from attack discovery; that is, the BS accepts false sensors aggregation data.
This resulted in an article accusing Zizianov of being an "international spy," a German agent in Russian during the World War, and most recently Grigory Zinoviev's personal agent in America, sent to spy upon and disinform "patriotic organizations."27 Princess Zizianov promptly sued for libel and won, precipitating a legal and diplomatic wrangle that dragged on for years.
(18) A typical example from 2006 was prefaced with the quotation, then began: "Propaganda machines are dangerous, even more so in a democracy than in a totalitarian regime, because their goal is to confuse, disinform, lie, raise fear and manipulate the opinions of the people" [original underlined].