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tr.v. dis·in·formed, dis·in·form·ing, dis·in·forms
To give disinformation to.

[Back-formation from disinformation.]

dis′in·form′er, dis′in·form′ant n.
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vb (tr)
to deliberately supply false information to
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(50.) Natalie Grant, Murder in the Tiergarten: The Political Life of Vladimir Orlov, Intelligence Agent and Disinformer (Washington, DC: Nathan Hale Institute, 1997).
Imagine being called a disinformer by the very guy who told us, in November 1984, that Soviet MIGs were on their way to Nicaragua; who periodically accuses the Nicaraguan Minister of the Interior of running drugs; who constantly spots plane-, train- and boatloads of guns making their way from Nicaragua to El Salvador.
As two individuals, they had differences on several issues but were not a power-hungry quarrelling duo that right-wing disinformers are trying to make them out to be today.
If elections were held this time, we would most probably witness an epic PDP-Laban victory -- it is the President's party, the ruling party that dominates Congress and local government units, the party in control of taxpayer money, the party that controls the military and police, the party supported by the oligarchs, the party that worships Marcos and eager to sign a deal with them, and the party of the most aggressive misinformers and disinformers.
And, funnily enough, the titles for whom the guilty men worked bear a striking similarity to the mis and disinformers of today, even if under new ownership.
I'd be confused about climate change, too, if I got most of my information from the half-asleep news media, much less the committed disinformers at Fox News and the Heritage Foundation.
It requires a thick skin to take on the daily task of dealing with the disinformers, but Romm has the taste for this kind of blood sport, and the talent as well.
own vested interests and disinformers to contend with.
They, and the political disinformers who sought to discredit the nuclear industry as potential enemies, have been so successful at frightening the public that it is now impossible in many nations to propose a new nuclear power plant."
And they show it here as they continue to go after the disinformers.