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v. dis·in·te·grat·ed, dis·in·te·grat·ing, dis·in·te·grates
1. To become reduced to components, fragments, or particles. See Synonyms at decay.
2. To lose cohesion or unity: pressures that cause families to disintegrate
3. Physics & Chemistry To decompose, decay, or undergo a nuclear transformation.
To cause to disintegrate.

dis·in′te·gra′tive adj.
dis·in′te·gra′tor n.
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Sample homogenates were prepared by adding 250 [micro]l of ultrapure water to the Eppendorf tubes containing a single hatchling, then sonicating the contents for 20 to 30 seconds, using a Sanyo Soniprep 150 disintegrator fitted with an exponential probe (Sanyo, Canton, MA).
We have already reported the characteristics of FDs prepared with Alg-Na, which has been used widely as a food additive, a tablet disintegrator, or a gelation agent [7].
Centrifuge (Sorvall Evolution RC, USA), ultrasonic disintegrator VibraCell VCX 750 (Sonics, USA), ELISA reader (Bio-Tek, USA), electrophoresis apparatus Mini-Protean III and Semi Dry blotting system (Bio-Rad, USA), Shaker with incubator (ISF-1-W, Kuhner, Switzerland), Spectrophotometer (Biomate 3, Thermo Electron Corporation, U SA), AKTA explorer (GE Healthcare, Sweden) were used in the present study.
The process of polysaccharides extraction from powder of the tobacco leaves by ultrasonic treatment was performed in an ultrasonic cell disintegrator (JY92-II, Ningbo Scientz Biotechnology Co.
The frozen sample was homogenized in 20 mL of a chloroform and methanol solution (2:1) using a Turrax homogenizer, disintegrator, and emulsifier (Folch et al.
Birch (Betula) chips were brought from the UPM Kymmene Otepaa AS firm and then refined to appropriate fractions using disintegrator device DS-A.
has announced the availability of auto detection on its sensIR 3200 "Bathless" Disintegrator.
The sensIR 3200 uses the latest in bathless heating to offer a disintegrator without the 9 mess and drawbacks associated with conventional water bath-based instruments.
Cells were sonicated for 10 min using MSE ultrasonic disintegrator (Fisons, Loughborough, UK) at 60% power and centrifuged at 8500 rpm and 4[degrees]C for 20 min.
In food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, it is used as a binder, stabiliser, disintegrator and thickener.
Therefore, sucrose inside the granule of CA cannot act as a disintegrator.
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