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tr.v. dis·in·vent·ed, dis·in·vent·ing, dis·in·vents
To rescind the invention or existence of: "The atomic bomb ... cannot be disinvented" (Patrick J. Buchanan).

dis′in·ven′tion n.


to undo the invention or existence of
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Donald MacKenzie, Moving Toward Disinvention, Bull.
From misinvention to disinvention of language: multilingualism and the South African Constitution.
In defending something of this tradition's hope for human subject and natural object's reconciliation against growing calls for their disinvention it must be admitted that this hope may prove belated, mere Minervan wisdom, if we have already entered an endgame where the offending environmental dynamic--ironically born at the same moment as Naturphilosophie--has moved beyond 'tipping point'.
Chernin's initiation involves her realization that, although disinvention of the culturally constructed self was desirable, she was fearful such a deconstruction would leave her "[s]elfless in the most severe sense of the word.