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Withdrawal of capital investment from a company or country.


(ˌdɪs ɪnˈvɛst mənt)

the withdrawal of funds invested in a property, foreign country, etc.
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Noun1.disinvestment - the withdrawal of capital from a country or corporation
withdrawal - the act of taking out money or other capital


[ˌdɪsɪnˈvestmənt] Ndesinversión f
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Summary: New Delhi [India], July 11 (ANI): The government said on Thursday that 'unsustainable debt burden' was the reason for Air India's downfall and hence the government was committed to strategic disinvestment of Air India.
(2) Economists have questioned the sustainability of existing models and suggested disinvestment from some healthcare services.
"With regard to the slow pace of disinvestment of Air India, the Committee have expressed the hope for completion of the disinvestment process early and also have desired to know the fate of debts and liabilities on the disinvestment of Air India," it said in the report.
The present environment is "not conducive" for disinvestment of Air India, Sinha told Rajya Sabha that the issue would be revisited once global economic indicators, including oil prices and forex conditions, stabilise.
Bucking the trend of missing targets since the disinvestment began seven years ago, the Centre achieved the 2017-18 revised disinvestment target of Rs 1 lakh crore.
Strategic sale and minority sale are the two key methods of disinvestment in government owned firms India.
New Delhi: The government plans to sell 76 per cent stake in Air India, according to the preliminary information memorandum released on Wednesday on strategic disinvestment of the national carrier.
Arun Shourie, minister for disinvestment in the Vajpayee government, thought that the company could go out of business if it continued on its path.
THE CABINET on Wednesday approved the proposal for disinvestment of 10 per cent stake in the state- owned Housing and Urban Development Corporation ( HUDCO).
Disinvestment was recorded with Russia (-11 bn) and Canada (-2 bn).
19330), authors Yihui Pan, Tracy Yue Wang, and Michael Weisbach document patterns in corporate investment and disinvestment activities over the "CEO cycle" in a large sample of publicly traded U.S.