tr.v. dis·in·vit·ed, dis·in·vit·ing, dis·in·vites
To rescind an invitation to: disinvited our friends for dinner because of an emergency.

dis·in·vi·ta′tion (-vĭ-tā′shən) n.
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vb (tr)
obsolete to retract an invitation to
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(ˌdɪs ɪnˈvaɪt)
v.t. -vit•ed, vit•ing.
to revoke an invitation to (someone).
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Morris's troubles with the film coincided with New Yorker editor David Remnick's decision last fall to first invite then disinvite Bannon from the magazine's annual festival.
"I was telling them it was even better because in the previous occasions, I was being invited, then they would disinvite me.
They quickly switched to boos when Carp added that the only thing she had done wrong was to disinvite the band in reaction to political pressure.
The White House indicated Monday that their refusal to stand for the national anthem -- even though no Eagles players did that during any regular-season or playoff games last year -- was at the heart of the decision to disinvite the Eagles contingent.
And an EU deal with Erdoganthat halted the mass influx of Syrian refugees into the bloc means the Turkish leader is like an estranged relative that you can't disinvite from a family dinner, no matter how badly you think he has behaved.
Outside the Booth School of Business, protesters chanted "Disinvite! Disinvite!" and "Say it loud and say it clear, stop inviting fascists here," according to the Chicago Maroon.
As soon as that went public we discovered there was a petition brought by [the] women's officer in our students' union petitioning us to disinvite her and not allow her to speak.
since its June publication--with sales experiencing a spike after Theological College's disinvite drew national press coverage, according to its publisher HarperOne --received formal ecclesial approval from Martin's Jesuit superiors and was endorsed by four U.S.
peacekeeping has therefore decided "to disinvite" the officers to return to South Sudan.
Mr Hopper moved to disinvite anti-Corbyn 'traitor' MPs from taking to the platforms at the popular event last week, after 172 MPs, including representatives from the region, supported a vote of no confidence in the leader.
"I respect their right to disinvite us if that's what they want to do.
Was is unfair and not uniform to disinvite candidate Colin Farnsworth because his opponent, Mary Walston, chose not to attend?