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tr.v. dis·in·vit·ed, dis·in·vit·ing, dis·in·vites
To rescind an invitation to: disinvited our friends for dinner because of an emergency.

dis·in·vi·ta′tion (-vĭ-tā′shən) n.


vb (tr)
obsolete to retract an invitation to


(ˌdɪs ɪnˈvaɪt)
v.t. -vit•ed, vit•ing.
to revoke an invitation to (someone).
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Usually, disinviting, if it happens, is done quietly,' offered Manolo Quezon, a former Aquino communications undersecretary.
Obama also urged the graduates not to attempt to prod colleges and universities into disinviting controversial speakers, something that has taken place regularly at campuses throughout the U.
The bishop felt that by disinviting him we would be avoiding a problem in casting a bad light on Christian-Islamic relations," Msgr.
Visibly Inappropriate: The easily noticed, purposeful, and overt act of being disinviting.
In the end the conference committee ended up disinviting Naipaul.
The High Line is, of course, the most popular recent example of reclamation and domestication of a previously uninhabited and disinviting space.
Regarding the university disinviting Rosemary Radford Ruether: What a shame that money from an unnamed donor determines freedom of speech and theology.
While Universal was oddly disinviting critics to the film's screenings in L.
So make it crystal clear that you will not be bullied into disinviting your mum.
By Federal Express she rushed a terse message to Tina Brown, editor of Vanity Fair, and her husband, Harold Evans, now also employed by Conde Nast, disinviting the couple to her impending book party.
28, Robredo's office received the text message disinviting her.
It was said he would not attend the festivities, although there is no evidence he "coerced" the college into disinviting Mrs.