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v. dis·joined, dis·join·ing, dis·joins
To undo the joining of; separate.
To become separated.

[Middle English disjoinen, from Old French desjoindre, from Latin disiungere : dis-, dis- + iungere, to join; see join.]
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Adj.1.disjoined - have the connection undone; having become separate
unconnected - not joined or linked together
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After this cataract the Nile again collects its scattered stream among the rocks, which seem to be disjoined in this place only to afford it a passage.
When he was introduced he understood why, for Miss Honeychurch, disjoined from her music stool, was only a young lady with a quantity of dark hair and a very pretty, pale, undeveloped face.
These cases of relationship, without identity, of the inhabitants of seas now disjoined, and likewise of the past and present inhabitants of the temperate lands of North America and Europe, are inexplicable on the theory of creation.
A proliferation of platforms can certainly present difficulties: islands of disjoined functionality; duplicated or wasted effort, re-inventing the wheel; fractionation of communities, not forming a 'critical mass' by coalescing around key solutions.
The postponement of the case is decided at the request of the civil party that is calling to include the conclusions of the other disjoined cases and the minutes of the investigation in the file of the assassination of Brahmi, Selliti told TAP.
It was not the free-rolling City of late and Tottenham will rue missing some good opportunities to salvage something from a rather disjoined affair on a patchwork pitch.
It's probably not one of our better games and the team was mixed around with first team players so it was a little disjoined but that's the nature of the beast." CITY: Corey Addai; Jordon Thompson, Tom Davies, Morgan Williams, Junior Brown; Josh Eccles, Zain Westbrook; Jodi Jones (HT, for Jonny Ngandu), Reise Allassani, Billy Steadman; Jordan Ponticelli.
It looks and acts like a laptop, however when the screen is disjoined, turned 180 degrees and clipped back down, the Surface Book has a new tablet mode.
Using {[V.sup.j.sub.1]} and {[V.sup.j.sub.2]} in C and H, respectively, notice that C is the union of congruent squares [{[C.sup.2.sub.m]}.sup.64.sub.m=1] with disjoined interiors.
Through the use of disturbing imagery and music, the film's disjoined narrative is fully invocative of its characters' mental struggles, and explores the nature of madness and its complex relationship to society, feminist thought and sexuality.
Prices should not be disjoined from quantities if the only aim is to assess profit(ability).