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1. Separated at the joints.
2. Out of joint; dislocated.
3. Lacking order or coherence: disjointed sentences.

dis·joint′ed·ly adv.
dis·joint′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.disjointedness - lacking order or coherence
incoherence, incoherency - lack of cohesion or clarity or organization


(= incoherence)Zusammenhanglosigkeit f
(= disunity, of society) → Zerrissenheit f; (of team)Uneinigkeit f
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Such disjointedness was understandable given the personnel - Phil Foden and Brahim Diaz spent Monday night on the bench at Wigan - and it cost the hosts.
When you play 12 kids that many minutes, there will be some disjointedness.
Stargardt conveys a mass of detail, but in jumping from topic to topic and individual to individual, his attempt to integrate personal stories into the larger history leaves a sense of disjointedness.
This points to a certain national connectedness in the disjointedness of migrant life: No matter where you are, you are still a Filipino and the ties that bind us inevitably lead us to the country of our race.
Segment routing enables the provisioning of advanced network services - such as low-latency and disjointedness - without increasing the burden on operations.
However, focusing solely on disjointedness may cause the use of low quality link, which may result in a worse performance than the use of sharing some good quality links.
In Yerushalmy's dances he oozes character and endearing disjointedness, while in Brown's he can coolly demonstrate clean geometries or heat up with wild abandon.
In his beautiful study The American Play, theatre scholar Marc Robinson distinguishes a typically American dramaturgy as being one that elevates chaos over order, a "choppiness" and disjointedness that recalls the Emersonian rejection of European style.
Pakistan is a victim of manufactured perceptions, a massive failure of its successive leaderships to rise to the occasion, their feet of clay when faced with challenging situations and immense disjointedness in our ability to present the country's case effectively.
In that sense, Still Our Country's alternation of the personal and the political suggests the disjointedness of life in the region as well as the way the vibrancy of the culture on which the film reflects butts up against the Yolngu's frustrations about having their culture mediated by forces beyond their control.
Ironically, for a book about slowing down and recognizing subtle influences on awareness, it is hard not to be distracted by the style and disjointedness.
These correspondences may stand for equivalence, subsumption, or disjointedness, between ontology entities.