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Noun1.disk access - memory access to the computer disk on which information is stored
memory access, access - (computer science) the operation of reading or writing stored information
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Processors were slow, disk access was even slower but it worked fantastically for small data sets and revolutionised mundane business operations.
Hard disk access is extremely fast thanks to SATA 6Gb/s support.
Three new tools have been added to the Live Speedup section, including Auto Defragmentation to prevent file fragmentation, Disk Priority Management to give active programs priority disk access and Desktop Protection to prevent desktop crashes.
Conversely, when recording small units of data, there is an increase in disk access as data arrives with a higher frequency which diminishes performance.
The only challenge with SATA disk is its data I/O, or disk access speeds.
To facilitate our test, we firstly divide the factors that may affect performance in the entire io path into the following parts: cache processing, VSVM mapping and physical disk access.
The visual implementation in Simulink, even if it proved to be a challenging task, it is flexible enough to allow future optimizations such as external function integration through the use of MEX files or by using the memory mapping feature of Matlab for disk access.
Data moving from the encrypted hard disk can be encrypted with removable media encryption for CDs/DVDs and USB devices - or blocked from movement with port control or disk access control.
By reducing hard disk access, eBoostr enhances the performance and saves battery power at the same time, allowing users to work longer and faster.
Our proposed methodology includes disk access characteristics as part of our attribute affinity measure.
This option also requires that disk I/O (read/write/delete) is done from within an application that supports a particular CAS vendor--typically by integrating the vendor's proprietary APIs for disk access.
Continual increases in capacity, without corresponding performance improvements at the drive level, create a performance imbalance that is defined by the ratio called Disk Access Density.