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Noun1.disk error - error resulting from malfunction of a magnetic disk
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
hardware error - error resulting from a malfunction of some physical component of the computer
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Use the PC tools to fix up disk error and try to do this every week.
The tales presented are the novel "The Wolves of Memory" and the short stories "Fatal Disk Error", "In the Wings", "From the Desk Of", "The Wicked Old Witch", "Mango Red Goes to War", "The Thing from the Slush", and "Posterity".
Just as RAID solved the "disk error" problem of the early '90s, and 'data protection' will solve the backup problem that persists, so to will 'workflow-based process automation' (operations management) solutions pave the way to solving the storage complexity problem of the 2000s.
You sit down at your computer, ready to work, press the power button and are greeted by a black screen stating "Non-system disk or disk error." Restarting the computer doesn't help -- it's gone, your hard drive is now pushing up daisies rather than serving up bits.
Because he received an error message, major disk error, Henry took his computer to Computer Corner for repair.
Richard Powers creates in his character "Ricky Powers" (aka Marcel, as in Proust) a persona for whom it is possible to respond to a disk error with hurt feelings.
* "Non-system disk or disk error replace and press any key when ready"; and
(I haven't eeven mentioned that most dreaded of DOS error messages: "NON-SYSTEM DISK OR DISK ERROR." That one means your system files are gone.) Maybe you erased the wrong file and didn't discover it until it was written over by something else.