disk jockey

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disk jockey

Variant of disc jockey.


(or disk′) jock`ey

a person who selects, plays, and often comments on recorded music, as on a radio program or at a discotheque. Abbr.: DJ
[1940–45, Amer.]
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Noun1.disk jockey - a person who announces and plays popular recorded musicdisk jockey - a person who announces and plays popular recorded music
broadcaster - someone who broadcasts on radio or television
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My Only Radio (MOR) disk jockey Jasmin Basar has died due to kidney failure.
Police in Krasnodar arrested a disk jockey arriving on a flight from Moscow at the airport on 18 January who was found to be carrying butterfly-embossed stamps impregnated with a synthetic drug that is effective when the butterfly is licked.
Directly opposite hung a painting of an anonymous Chinese actress gazing at the ground, also with an ambiguous expression; across from this pair of images Ang placed The Portrait of a DJ, a painting of a well-known English disk jockey. The DJ appeared aggressive and vitally present, and, as in Ang's earlier paintings, a pronounced distortion was visible in portions of the face.