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Once the student completes segments of the games, the teacher can insert the diskette into his or her computer and analyze results through line graphs, group charts, pie charts and bar charts.
After the citizen votes and presses a button to record it, the information is saved to both the computer's hard drive and a computer diskette.
This 260-page book and diskette walk you through the entire competition process, beginning with identifying potential target functions or activities and ending with performance monitoring of the selected service provider.
Three hard copies of the manuscript plus three hard copies of an abstract (100 words or less) are required; please do not send a computer diskette at this point.
5-inch ZIP 100/250 diskette and is 100% compatible with the recording media that has originated from standard connected IDE and been formatted or written using any other interface such as IDE and SCSI.
During this part of the operation, the boot diskette will cause each of the target PCs to attach to the network server, map a drive letter to the location where the image file is located, and map a drive letter to the location where the cloning programs are located.
The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) has announced the availability of a Web-based implementation of file transfer protocol (ftp) delivery of Current Contents on Diskette (CC on Diskette) and Current Contents on Diskette with Abstracts.
That same aggressive state might also argue that if the business's software was not transferred in diskette or CD-ROM form, it was not tangible personal property, the advertising and licensing of which would have been protected under P.
Note that you can download freeware or shareware software to do just about anything on the Internet, so the lack of a turnkey diskette doesn't necessarily disqualify a good economical provider.
Yet, when the same programs were put on a computer diskette, the department argued that the diskette qualified as a "defense article" and required a special license for export.
Several major machinery suppliers will support The Maintenance Professional by offering equipment specifications, part lists, and maintenance recommendations in a diskette format developed by Techware.