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tr.v. dis·liked, dis·lik·ing, dis·likes
To regard with distaste or aversion.
An attitude or a feeling of distaste or aversion.

dis·lik′a·ble, dis·like′a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.dislikable - such as to provoke dislike
disliked - regarded with aversion; "he was intensely disliked"
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Interestingly, as the tournament progressed he seemed to gradually turn into a bit of a dislikable twit, which seems to be a bit of an obligation when you start to get good at football.
Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa put it succinctly when he said that, 'No matter how dislikable a member of the Court is, the rules cannot be changed just to get rid of him, or her in this case.'
By dint of his carefully-controlled overacting and decisive vocalism, bass Luke Kawabata made Cenerentola's father, Don Magnifico, thoroughly dislikable by the climax of the opera.
Jewit performs these very different roles well, switching seamlessly bet ween the very dislikable and arrogant Witch Finder and the loving and tender father.
Liverpool GORDON WADDELL MUCH as the twinkle has gone from Jose Mourinho's eye and been replaced by a dark and fairly dislikable cynicism, he still has the heart of a winner.
Koestler's writings dislikable because they neglect the necessity or even the existence of gardening" (133), unlike the products of cultures he considers to have "old governments" since those supposedly make it possible for their citizens, "except when menaced by foreign powers, [to] give themselves, their day's work done, to such enjoyments as their temperaments require, making music or love, fishing or studying" (132).
Committing to playing a person who had to be dislikable [a former guard at a Nazi concentration camp] was a big moment of surrender 2009 for me because we all want to be liked.
The UK shouldn't be demeaning itself and giving credibility to a highly dislikable regime, just for a few billion in investment.
A Press pal of mine asked in a real loud voice what it was like to work with "the very dislikable Alan Pardew."
I know, it's easy to knock Piers Morgan for being dislikable. Apparently even his parents would tell him he was their least favourite son.
particularly where the defendant is extremely dislikable or the crime
There is little doubt, based on Pataki's multiple public comments about the court, that he found this judicial bequest distasteful and dislikable. We now turn to an examination of how he sought to change the court that he received upon taking office in 1995.