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v. dis·lodged, dis·lodg·ing, dis·lodg·es
To remove or force out from a position or dwelling previously occupied.
To move or go from a dwelling or former position.

[Middle English disloggen, from Old French deslogier : des-, dis- + logier, to lodge (from loge, shed, of Germanic origin).]

dis·lodge′ment, dis·lodg′ment n.
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Noun1.dislodgement - forced removal from a position of advantage
remotion, removal - the act of removing; "he had surgery for the removal of a malignancy"
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Stapling is yet another alternative, being significantly quicker than suturing but not as efficient at preventing dislodgement (5).
Lacrimal tube dislodgement is not unusual and sometime it become difficult to reposition it.18
The nurse must identify these patients and perform a toe pressure which will more accurately reflect perfusion The ABI is contraindicated when a suspicion of deep vein thrombosis is present In such cases, performing the ABI could result in thrombus dislodgement (Grenon et al., 2009).
Easily installed by simply pushing the unit into the battery, the low-profile caps sit well below the inter-cell connectors, reducing the chance of accidental dislodgement. Further, by not requiring operators to estimate the O-ring/stop position for every watering cycle, the cap saves both time and training.
This loosened the jacket, causing tension on the electrode leads and, sometimes, dislodgement of the intramuscular electrodes.
The development of improved fixation mechanisms has dramatically reduced the incidence of lead dislodgement. However, even the excellent leads currently available are worthless unless the lead can be delivered to an appropriate position with suitable sensing and pacing conditions.
Suggested uses include: food dislodgement, use for patients who dislike flossing, on-the-go interdental cleaning, patients with gingivitis/interproximal inflammation, gum stimulation, orthodontic use, and bridges, crowns, or implant care.
While the CAA could not determine the cause of the dislodgement of slates, the airport immediately carried out full repairs to the property as a gesture of goodwill."
(4.) Guillermo Bernal, Mitsunobu Okamura, Carlos A Munoz : The Effect of Taper, Length and Cement Type on Resistance to Dislodgement of Cement-Retained Implant-Supported Restorations.
* Install cabinets or strap brackets for extinguishers subject to dislodgement or physical damage.
Microbes prefer living within biofilms, which protect them from dislodgement, predation, host immune responses, and antimicrobial agents.