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tr.v. dis·missed, dis·miss·ing, dis·miss·es
1. To end the employment or service of; discharge.
2. To direct or allow to leave: dismissed troops after the inspection; dismissed the student after reprimanding him.
a. To stop considering; rid one's mind of; dispel: dismissed all thoughts of running for office.
b. To refuse to accept or recognize; reject: dismissed the claim as highly improbable.
4. Law To adjudicate (a cause of action) as insufficient to proceed further in court because of some deficiency in law or fact.
5. Sports
a. To eject (a player or coach) for the remainder of a game.
b. To put out (a batter) in cricket.

[Middle English dismissen, from Medieval Latin dismittere, dismiss-, variant of Latin dīmittere : dī-, dis-, apart; see dis- + mittere, to send.]

dis·miss′i·ble adj.
dis·mis′sion (-mĭsh′ən) n.
Synonyms: dismiss, boot1, bounce, can2, discharge, fire, sack1
These verbs mean to terminate the employment of: was dismissed for insubordination; was booted for being late; afraid of being bounced for union activities; wasn't canned because his uncle owns the business; resort workers discharged at the end of the season; was fired unjustly; a reporter sacked for revealing a confidential source. See Also Synonyms at eject.
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Adj.1.dismissible - subject to dismissal; "appointed and removable by the mayor"
removable - capable of being removed or taken away or dismissed; "a removable cord"; "removable partitions"
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From the outset of the text and then throughout, there is constant, if vague, reference to "gender ideology," which functions rhetorically as a dismissible straw man.
As with pretty much everything in a private practice, accurate and written documentation of dismissible behavior is essential.
"Iyon ay para lamang mabigyang katwiran ang kanyang protesta na talagang dismissible na.
Kennedy said that he was led to believe that any judgment would be dismissible and that court-ordered arbitration from a lawsuit he filed in Benton County Circuit Court was pending and still in play.
Failure to comply with the requirement, according to the SC, renders a case dismissible on the ground of lack of legal capacity to sue.
The high court said the failure to comply with the requirement renders the case dismissible on the ground of lack of legal capacity to sue.
Non-compliance with this requirement renders a case dismissible on the ground of lack of legal capacity to sue," read the ruling penned by Associate Justice Estela Perlas-Bernabe.
For Spectrism's detractors, of course, the whole thing was easily dismissible as a joke.
The following Monday I filed a short motion to dismiss based on the fact that the complaint (called a "Notice of Contemplated Action" in New Mexico) was filed more than two years after the Board had notice of the patient complaint, which makes the case dismissible under New Mexico law.
A little, because she has unwittingly set the cause back by sliding into dismissible stereotype.
Bowah failed to comply with the provisions of the law regarding the filing of an appeal with the NEC's Board of Commissioners, thus rendering his appeal dismissible.