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1. Being in a condition of confusion or disarray.
2. Physically or mentally ill.

dis·or′dered·ly adv.
dis·or′dered·ness n.


the quality of being disordered
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It seems to us that one could draw a similar conclusion on the disorderedness of the person's orientation from McCormick's statement that homosexual acts are a premoral disvalue and from the CDF's statement that homosexual acts are "intrinsically disordered." (113) Both take their stance on the unproven anthropological perception and claim that heterosexual orientation is the norm of sexual morality for humans and that homosexual orientation must therefore be objectively disordered.
The irreversibility and determinedness (and Kant would add "necessary") in terms of the order of the connection of subjective perceptions, which belongs to experience in general, is exemplified by the fact that it is precisely distinguishable from the potential reversibility, undeterminedness, and/or disorderedness of perceptions that a person might subjectively synthesize together in cognizing a static object like a house.
No single measure captures "eating disorderedness," but the analysis provides a map for selecting traits that can be used in future research, the investigators said (Am.