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Noun1.disownment - refusal to acknowledge as one's own
renunciation, repudiation - rejecting or disowning or disclaiming as invalid; "Congressional repudiation of the treaty that the President had negotiated"
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Manama, July 15 (BNA): Al Jalahma family announced disownment from Yasser Athbi Al Jalahma and deconned the content of Al Jazeera's programme (The hidden is more immense), which contend affront to the Kingdom of Bahrain, leadership and people, expressing astonishment at the deliberate lies and falsification of facts.
We're making a good fist of it, yes indeed, but even if divorce and disownment were on the table we'd still make it down to see The Allergies at the Oh Yeah Music Centre tomorrow night.
Bhavna, from Preston, has urged viewers affected by Rana's story to contact the Naz and Matt Foundation, which tackles homophobia triggered by religion, to help parents accept their children by emailing hello@nazandmattfoundation.org, calling Karma Nirvana - which supports victims of honour-based abuse, forced marriages and disownment - on 0800 5999 247, or calling the Samaritans helpline on 116 123.
engagements, divorces, and disownment of family members.
The Creole custom of "a perverse and arrogant loyalty to blood lines, however ambiguous," deconstructs once the specter of miscegenation proves that secrecy and disownment cannot transform the reality of Palmyre's parentage (52).
Significantly, if he chose political activism he risked disownment from the religious community of his father and his Welsh ancestors.
Because discussion of HIV prevention between YMSM and parents can result in outing, embarrassment, violence, and disownment, this makes receiving information concerning HIV at home particularly difficult.
The contributors' critical examination of war, citizenship, settler colonialism, military occupation, displacement, disownment, and other modes of violence is forging new paths of sharing and challenging the embedded normalization of geographies of pain and suffering.
Lore has not yet explicitly told his family, for fear of disownment. He has, however, transitioned to presenting himself as a male, which he described as "a very observable shift." He cut his hair short, practiced deepening his voice and began clothes shopping in the men's section.
The Quaker religion required members to marry within the faith or they would face disownment. Because outside of major cities Quakers tended to settle in close proximity and in relatively small numbers, intermarriage practically guaranteed complicated blood and marriage relationships.