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A doctrine prevalent in some forms of Protestant Christianity that divides history into distinct periods, each marked by a different dispensation or relationship between God and humanity. Dispensationalism further holds that Christian believers will be transported to heaven without warning and that soon thereafter there will be a period of tribulation, followed by the Second Coming.

dis′pen·sa′tion·a·list n.
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(3) Banack, 47-48; for Aberhart's understanding of dispensationalism and pre-millenialism.
Here, Goldman analyzes the development of premillennial dispensationalism and its place in the pantheon of American religious thought as it relates to ideas of returning Jews establishing a state in Israel.
Baker is a contributing author to the book Progressive Dispensationalism as well as the author of numerous journal and magazine articles.
Further, if "taking the place" of the Christian Byzantines accorded with the Islamic doctrine of Muhammad as the Seal of the Prophets and Islam as the fulfilment of earlier religions and empires, this site for the Umayyad Mosque constituted a clear embodiment of that doctrine of Islamic "dispensationalism." The unearthing of the ancient pre-Christian temple or edifice has the effect of projecting this ideology even farther back in time and thus further confirming its truth.
At its origins, Zionism or the Weizmann doctrine of dispensationalism was a pure colonial project to serve the interests of wealthy European Jews who had financed European colonialism in the 19th century.
Some Israelis and American Jews view the Christian Zionists as genuine friends or convenient allies, but some others express concerns about their theological views of Jews, especially those who embrace dispensationalism. The existence of Christian Palestinians presents a problem for Christian Zionist approaches to the region.
(19) This anti-modernism was fuelled by fundamentalists' proclivity for premillennial dispensationalism, an eschatological belief that periodized the bible into specific "dispensations" and held that Christ would return prior to the advent of the Millennium.
Albert Wardin taught at Belmont University because a man's wife in Minnesota died and John Nelson Darby developed a theological system called Premillennial Pretnbulation Dispensationalism. For the woman's death and J.
By emphasizing the premillennial dispensationalism that offered a hard binary between the "saved" and "unsaved," Walliss notes, the film was able to shock and frighten its viewers into the appropriate reaction.
"Dispensationalism Tomorrow." In Three Central Issues in Contemporary Dispensationalism: A Comparison of Traditional and Progressive Views, edited by Herbert W.
In their book Beyond Creation Science, Timothy Martin and Jeffrey Vaughn push the roots back to the early 1800s and the literalism associated with the premillennial dispensationalism of John Nelson Darby.
But from the charisms of Pentecostalism to the eschatology of Dispensationalism, American Christianity in its homeland appears very foreign to those whose religious customs and culture have changed little in 2,000 years.