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v. dis·pensed, dis·pens·ing, dis·pens·es
a. To give or deal out, especially in parts or portions: a machine that dispenses candy; a neighbor who freely dispenses advice. See Synonyms at distribute.
b. To prepare and give out (medicines).
2. To administer (laws, for example).
3. To exempt or release, as from a duty or religious obligation.
To grant a dispensation or exemption.
Phrasal Verb:
dispense with
1. To manage without; forgo: Let's dispense with the formalities.
2. To get rid of; do away with: a country that has dispensed with tariff barriers.

[Middle English dispensen, from Old French dispenser, from Latin dispēnsāre, to distribute, frequentative of dispendere, to weigh out : dis-, out; see dis- + pendere, to weigh; see (s)pen- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.dispensed - distributed or weighted out in carefully determined portions; "medicines dispensed to the sick"
distributed - spread out or scattered about or divided up