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The flexible dispersible polymer powder also features particularly good resistance towards severe impacts, which plays a major role for embedding mortars in external thermal insulation composite systems as well as finishing plasters.
Premium SW is a highly dispersible silicone which is said to boost the performance of energy saving tires on passenger cars, reducing fuel consumption and C[O.sub.2] emissions.
The highly flexible ANDRITZ WetlaceTM technology, which combines wet forming and hydroentanglement, is especially suited for the production of flushable wipes that are dispersible and 100% biodegradable without any chemical binders.
"The additional capacity will strengthen our market position as one of the world's leading manufacturers of dispersions and dispersible polymer powders, and will help us meet our customers' continuously increasing demand over the long term."
The dispersible oil suspension agent is a kind of solid pesticide active ingredient which is insoluble in the oil solvent dispersed in the non-aqueous medium and forms a highly dispersed and stable suspension liquid preparation by the surfactant (Dai, 2006).
The company expanded the operation to meet global demand for its dispersions and dispersible powders, which is rising amid such trends as urbanization, renovation and environmental consideration.
The company's US patent 9,119,778 broadly covers small, dense and dispersible dry powders that are comprised of proprietary combinations of divalent cation salts and excipients.
Because of its hydrophilic properties, these iron oxides are easily dispersible in water based and VOC free systems.
Disposable materials such as tampon applicators should be water flushable, water dispersible, and biodegradable.
For source material being processed or in a dispersible form, such as liquid or powder, the limit on the use or transfer at any one time without a license is decreasing from 15 to 3.3 pounds, and the annual limit will drop from 150 to 15.4 pounds.
Cleantaste technology is suitable for orally dispersible tablets and encapsulated products.
Actimask[TM] APAP 92M is a taste-masked Acetaminophen designed for orally dispersible tablets (ODT), sachets and chewable tablets.