dispersing medium

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Noun1.dispersing medium - (of colloids) a substance in which another is colloidally dispersed
phase, form - (physical chemistry) a distinct state of matter in a system; matter that is identical in chemical composition and physical state and separated from other material by the phase boundary; "the reaction occurs in the liquid phase of the system"
colloid - a mixture with properties between those of a solution and fine suspension
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Abstract Particle aggregates formed in a dispersing medium may be destroyed depending on the shear history applied in the coating process.
Evenly distributes particulate matter within dispersing medium. Works as a solvent mixer, and ensures accelerated chemical reactions in insoluble materials.
Clear, colorless, and providing a non-greasy feel, the new Dow Corning Toray FZ-3196 Fluid can be used as a carrier for other ingredients or as a dispersing medium for hydrophobic powders and pigments in a wide range of personal care products including skin creams, lotions and gels, suntan lotions, makeup removers, facial cleansers, color cosmetics, and hair care products.
Good wetting depends on the dispersing medium (solvent, resin solution, or surfactant dispersion) having a lower surface tension than that of the pigments, but surprisingly good deagglomeration can be done by brute force shearing even if wetting is not good.