displaced fracture

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Noun1.displaced fracture - fracture in which the two ends of the broken bone are separated from one another
fracture, break - breaking of hard tissue such as bone; "it was a nasty fracture"; "the break seems to have been caused by a fall"
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The victim, then aged 22, suffered a displaced fracture of his cheekbone but it did not require surgical treatment.
Medical reports confirmed that the British woman sustained displaced fracture and disruption in her pelvic bones.
6%) had displaced fracture preoperatively and there was adequate reduction of the fracture in all the 9 patients (100%) post-operatively.
6 In this study, there were 32 patients with femoral neck fracture, of whom 23 had displaced fracture.
She was found to have a pain in the chest and was short of breath, had a displaced fracture of one of her right ribs, and she had bruising toan arm, elbow, abdomen and cheek bone.
Computed tomography (CT) revealed a severely comminuted right naso-orbital-ethmoid (NOE) complex fracture, posteriorly displaced fracture segments from the anterior table of the frontal sinus and frontal process of the maxilla, a comminuted posterior table fracture, obstruction of the frontal sinus outflow tract (FSOT), and a small area of pneumocephalus (figure 2).
Mr Hextall went to A&E and was found to have a broken nose with a displaced fracture and a cut to his nostril which was glued," said Mr Dudley.
The patients were established to have displaced fracture on the basis of displacement of the inferior alveolar canal as assessed on panoramic radiograph (greater than 2mm), patients from both gender, patients of age range 17-55 years.
The victim was left with a displaced fracture of his ankle as well as ligament damage after badly twisting his leg as he fell to the ground.
She had concussion, her eye was badly bruised and a scan revealed a displaced fracture of the right orbital floor.
Mr Griffin, who was due to fly to Florida with his girlfriend the day after the attack, suffered a displaced fracture to his cheek bone and a fractured jaw and required an operation to fix metal plates and screws.
He caused a displaced fracture of the cheekbone which needed surgery.