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display′ type`

type larger than body type, used in headings, advertisements, etc.
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25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The cockpit display for land vehicle market report analyzes the key trends in the market on the basis of its display type and size of various vehicles in the land vehicle market.
Other key specifications of Galaxy Gear such as the build quality, screen size, display type and battery life are expected to be leaked as the Samsung unpacked event gets closer.
Applications of the new material include display type units such as rewritable or reusable signage, posters, papers and labels, and other magnetically activated security features.
Upgradable flash ROM no no Memory 2MB 8MB Battery type rechargeable replaceable lithium AAA Display type grayscale grayscale Voice recorder no no Special connectivity features SRP $99 $149 Model m130 m515 Palm OS v4.
Stewart chose Kepler for most text, and Myriad for most display type.
This report on the AR market is aimed towards analyzing the augmented reality market with respect to its type, technology, component, display type, application, and geography.
For each of the 71 models, the guide goes into great technical detail, laying out attributes and features such as access type, cassette configuration, display type, security features, printer specifications, dimensions, power requirements, advertising capabilities, biometric support and more.
This report would help analyze the AR market with respect to its component, application, display type, and geography.
Freezer Must Include Temperature Control Digital Display Type With Rs-232 Output For Hookup To The Existing Amc Campus Monitoring System.
Glass Cockpit for Aerospace Market by Aircraft Type (Cargo, Fighter, Helicopter, Air Transport, Trainer, General Aviation, & Business Jet), Display Type (PFD, MFD, Backup, & Mission), Display Size, & Geography - Analysis & Forecast (2014 - 2020) : The major market for the glass cockpit displays in aerospace lies in the American and European countries.