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1. Designed to be disposed of after use: disposable diapers; disposable razors.
a. Remaining to a person after taxes have been deducted: disposable income.
b. Free for use; available: Every disposable piece of equipment was sent to the fire.
Something, such as a diaper or hypodermic syringe, that can be disposed of after one use.

dis·pos′a·bil′i·ty n.
dis·pos′a·bly adv.
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n(freie) Verfügbarkeit
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Headed by Clopay's Leo Cancio, the advisory board has already amended the INDA mission statement on disposability and waste management.
At press time, INDA's Government Relations Advisory Board (GRAB) and its Disposability Committee were scheduled to meet with representatives from Senator Baucus' office and discuss provisions of the Senator's RCRA bill.
For this reason, INDA will work with its Government Relations Advisory Board (GRAB), its Disposability Committee, its Health Care Committee and the INDA Communication Action Network (ICAN) to address these bills on a structured basis and help ensure that the state legislatures are aware of the nonwovens industry's viewpoint on these measures.
The rising popularity is on account of few benefits such as the ease of use while on-the-go, their ease of disposability, and the discreet nature of the personal care product.
As Professor Sarmiento points out, 'In the case of polyester fabric, it's not the material that's the enemy - it's disposability. Clothing is not disposable, but fashion makes it so.'
Usually made of super-absorbent materials, notably polypropylene, general purpose wipes have found to ease the cleaning and maintenance processes, maintain a clean and hygiene workspace, and also allow the benefit of disposability. These wipes are gaining significance among end users as universal absorbents as they have found been to be effective against tough greases, acids, bases, and recalcitrant chemicals that spill out inevitably from the myriad industrial processes.
Loop has assembled a blue-chip roster of companies, all of which are willing to assume ownership of packaging in order to address the disposability problem that is taxing the environment.
Let's hope the industry takes the knowledge that comes with his experience to heart and continues to focus on getting the message out on disposability.
According to Redma Gita Wirawasta, Secretary General of the Indonesian Synthetic Fiber Producers Association (APSyFI), rayon is most in demand in the fashion industry due to several advantages, such as comfort and disposability, which make it environmentally friendly.
She discusses how teachers as followers learn to work on behalf of categorized children; the idea and reality of school choice and how it facilitates segregation; how claims are made that parents can do new things for their children but research evidence shows constraints through segregated aspirations and accreditation; how schools are sites for product design and marketing; how evaluation of staff performance enables myths about transformational leadership practices; and how privatization is normalizing the disposability of children within and outside of public services education.
Szaky says TerraCycle learned from these trials that once consumers start receiving their products in reusable packaging, they start getting "allergic" to disposability. "The question is, what is the tipping point?" he questions.