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v. dis·posed, dis·pos·ing, dis·pos·es
1. To put into a willing or receptive frame of mind; incline: "If we're going to preach the politics of virtue, then we need to promote the social conditions that dispose people to be virtuous" (Lillian B. Rubin).
2. To place or set in a particular order; arrange: "Sally ... was beginning to loosen the upper sheet and dispose the pillows" (Harriet Beecher Stowe).
To determine the course of events: Man proposes, God disposes.
Phrasal Verb:
dispose of
1. To finish dealing with something; settle: Let's dispose of the matter and turn to something else.
2. To give or transfer to someone else, especially permanently: She disposed of her estate among her heirs. He disposed of his memoirs to a research library.
3. To get rid of; throw out: He disposed of the newspapers after reading them.
4. To kill or destroy.

[Middle English disposen, to arrange, from Old French disposer, alteration (influenced by poser, to put, place) of Latin dispōnere, to arrange : dis-, apart; see dis- + pōnere, to put; see apo- in Indo-European roots.]

dis·pos′er n.
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We shall not attempt to describe the gratitude to the Almighty Disposer of Events which glowed in the bosoms of the sisters, who were thus unexpectedly restored to life and to each other.
And if you should ever be under the necessity, sir, of selecting, out of two hundred men, one who was to become your absolute owner and disposer, you would, perhaps, realize, just as Tom did, how few there were that you would feel at all comfortable in being made over to.
(10) Cletho (the Spinner) is she who spins the thread of man's life; Lachesis (the Disposer of Lots) assigns to each man his destiny; Atropos (She who cannot be turned) is the `Fury with the abhorred shears.' (11) Many of the names which follow express various qualities or aspects of the sea: thus Galene is `Calm', Cymothoe is the `Wave-swift', Pherusa and Dynamene are `She who speeds (ships)' and `She who has power'.
As well might it be charged upon me, that the stings of an awakened conscience drove her mad, and that it was the will of the Disposer of all things that she should live so, many years.
My Author and Disposer, what thou bidst Unargu'd I obey; so God ordains, God is thy Law, thou mine: to know no more Is womans happiest knowledge and her praise.
A god has just come up to me and told me that Jove the supreme disposer will be with us.
Would it be proper that the persons who had disposed of his fame, and his most valuable rights as a citizen in one trial, should, in another trial, for the same offense, be also the disposers of his life and his fortune?
La loi electorale stipule que chaque candidat doit disposer de 10.000 parrainages populaires ou 10 parrainages de parlementaires en plus d'une garantie financiere de 10.000 dinars tunisiens, des criteres que de nombreux candidats n'ont pu remplir, signale-t-on.
Le commandement des Forces aeriennes a consenti des efforts "substantiels" dans le domaine de la formation des personnels afin de disposer d'une ressource humaine "qualifiee", a indique jeudi a Alger, le commandant de ces Forces, le general-major, Hamid Boumaiza.