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tr.v. dis·pos·sessed, dis·pos·sess·ing, dis·pos·sess·es
To deprive (another) of the possession or occupancy of something, such as real property.

dis′pos·ses′sion (-zĕsh′ən) n.
dis′pos·ses′sor n.
dis′pos·ses′so·ry (-zĕs′ə-rē) adj.
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Relativity of title still matters in that possession is protected by the fact that a person who has possession has an action against a dispossessor (ibid.
But whereas the refugees on the inside are in daily bloody confrontations with their dispossessor, those on the outside have their own crosses to bear based on where they happen to have been planted.
In keeping with this focus on control of one's productive life as the core of freedom, the method de Cleyre advocated for bringing about a new social order was the immediate and direct expropriation, by the dispossessed from the dispossessor, of the resources of nature, machinery, and labor which no one is entitled to own, and to which everyone should have free access.