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dis′pro·por′tion·al·ly adv.
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And did she not make a knight of me by gently asking if I would be so kind as to carve the chicken, and how she laughed quite disproportionally at my school-boy story of the man who, being asked to carve a pigeon, said he thought they had better send for a wood-carver, as it seemed to be a wood pigeon.
The same thing is to be perceived in the other arts and sciences; for a painter would not represent an animal with a foot disproportionally large, though he had drawn it remarkably beautiful; nor would the shipwright make the prow or any other part of the vessel larger than it ought to be; nor will the master of the band permit any who sings louder and better than the rest to sing in concert with them.
He said, "The payments problem is a global problem, but its negative impact disproportionally affects emerging market.
Stressing the need for strong laws to end violence against women, including female genital mutilation, he said that UN and African Union police in peace operations help prevent and address sexual violence in conflict, which disproportionally affects women and girls.
The fear of the Fed's liquidity withdrawal has had a disproportionally larger impact in Asia where investors are also worrying about slower growth in China.
The ACLU also wants to see if there is a racial issue and if the Michigan State Police is disproportionally downloading the personal information of people of color.
It suggests that present planning policies are too narrow in focus and the high costs of submitting planning applications have made it disproportionally more expensive for small scale rural developments, preventing much-needed development in the countryside.
The Firm handles matters which disproportionally impact Miami including International Business, Corporate, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, and Litigation services.
Queensland was disproportionally represented with 31 cases of fraud.
The report also noted that bribery and corruption continues to disproportionally affect the poor and the young, with lower income earners twice as likely to pay bribes for basic services like utilities, education and medical services.