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tr.v. dis·proved, dis·prov·ing, dis·proves
To prove to be false, invalid, or in error; refute.

[Middle English disproven, from Old French desprover : des-, dis- + prover, to prove; see prove.]

dis·prov′a·ble adj.
dis·prov′al n.
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The "Russian interference" meme regarding the 2016 presidential elections is actually a tangled complex of wild conspiracy theories by the same folks who regularly deride conspiracy facts as "crazy conspiracy theory." The most ludicrous and easily disprovable claim of Russian hacking and Russian collusion is the charge that Russians somehow hacked our voting machines and changed votes across the country.
"For people postmodern culture is characterized by a simultaneous convergence of several worldviews, and not a single one is disprovable, but also does not embody truth.
Why that same official, a lawyer like the President he speaks for, would assert easily disprovable lies ('If the Aquino administration was not able to do anything') is a mystery.
It also must be disprovable. Making a statement that can't be proven or disproven is not a forecast; it's a theoretical academic debate.
What's especially astonishing about Trump's falsehoods is that, though they are often easily disprovable, he seems convinced he can get away with them.
Olson's "heterogeneous present" is rooted in concepts of American identity, and the rhetoric of inclusiveness, however disprovable, inherent in founding documents.
To say that science knows something like this from its ability to cast questions as disprovable hypotheses, and then show that such an idea is resistant to disproof, would be the next step for me if this were a science paper.
The results of applied "science" should be discernible (and disprovable) in any situation, but in this field such an ambitious project is at best "work in progress".
As long as a lack of secondary literature on the Fach system remains, discussions are restricted to anecdotes, and arguments put forth are neither provable nor disprovable. This article seeks not to provide a thorough analysis of the Fach system or its pedagogic implications, but rather to draw attention to the need for such studies, to suggest one possible framework for an analytic approach to the system, and to illustrate the necessity of distinguishing between voice classification and Fach.
Ryan's claim is disprovable. They unearthed a race result of a little over four hours for Ryan's personal best.
However, messages may simply provide readers, viewers, or listeners with statements that are completely or predominantly inferences and judgments rather than factual, verifiable, or disprovable reports.
regime of slavery is not provable or disprovable by reference to