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Inclined to dispute. See Synonyms at argumentative.

dis′pu·ta′tious·ly adv.
dis′pu·ta′tious·ness n.
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The quality or state of being argumentative:
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The lawyer who refrains from arrogance, pomposity, and unnecessary squabbling and disputatiousness is well on his or her way.
I feel like playing the sophist for a while before you not the kind that nowadays inculcates narrow trifles in children and teaches a more than feminine disputatiousness, but rather I will imitate those ancients who, the better to avoid the infamous name of wise men, preferred to be called sophists.
Implicit in her views was the willingness to abolish measures of toleration if they did not mitigate her subjects' "cruelty of heart," "inveterate obstinacy," or disputatiousness.
But in wanting to deduce, for the same reasons, that the Jews are artistically impotent, he necessarily arrives at the rather different conclusion that art became available to them only after we made of it, and only after they themselves saw in it, an object of capitalism, of speculation, of commerce, of industrial production, remaining "art" in name only; and only after noise and disputatiousness and superficiality and universal doubt replaced in our society harmony, genuine drama, poetry, and faith; that we share with the Jews more or less generally this impotence in true art; that true art, art in the true sense of the word, is everywhere dormant; that it currently reveals nothing truly worthy of the great masters who were the glory of centuries past.
Those are expressions of a healthy American disputatiousness.