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v. dis·put·ed, dis·put·ing, dis·putes
a. To express disagreement over: disputed the plaintiff's claims.
b. To express disagreement with (someone): made his point so forcefully that nobody dared dispute him.
2. To question the truth or validity of; doubt: Her friends disputed her intentions.
a. To strive to gain or win; struggle over: The two countries disputed the region for decades.
b. To strive against; resist: disputed the advance of the marauders.
To engage in discussion or debate: The candidates disputed over foreign policy. See Synonyms at discuss.
1. A verbal controversy; a debate: the dispute over the existence of the Loch Ness monster.
2. A disagreement or quarrel: a bitter dispute over property rights.

[Middle English disputen, from Old French desputer, from Latin disputāre, to examine : dis-, apart; see dis- + putāre, to reckon; see pau- in Indo-European roots.]

dis·put′a·bil′i·ty n.
dis·put′a·ble (dĭ-spyo͞o′tə-bəl, dĭs′pyə-) adj.
dis·put′a·bly adv.
dis·put′er n.
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Police said that Muhammad Mazhar (25) and Muhammad Shan (20) sons of Dilbaz, residents of Hameed Town Sargodha were doing business of fruit and there was a disputer of Rs25,000 between them.
Victorieuses de leurs trois premiers matches, ces deux equipes s'etaient retrouvees pour se disputer le titre de champion d'Afrique.
En reagissant de la sorte, le premier responsable des Verts ne veut pas devoiler ses cartes comme le font les autres equipes appelees a disputer la phase finale de la coupe d'Afrique des nations (CAN 2019) qu'abritera l'Egypte du 21 juin au 19 juillet.
Les Khouribguis qui pataugeaient en bas du tableau tout au long de la saison, se sont hisses a la 8e place avec 31 points et peuvent ainsi disputer les prochains matches avec grande confiance dans l'espoir d'assurer definitivement le maintien.
ISLAMABAD -- Participants of a Wednesday seminar, titled "Reinstating trust over Kashmir disputer" have urged both Pakistan and India to resolve Kashmir dispute with open hearts and minds.
Cette Coupe du monde des clubs, la premiere a se disputer sur le continent africain, reunira sept clubs a savoir: Guangzhou Evergrande (Chine) et Al Ahly (Egypte), Auckland City (Nouvelle Zelande), Monterrey (Mexique), l'Atletico Mineiro (Bresil), le Bayern Munich (Allemagne) et le Raja de Casablanca (club du pays hote).
L'ailier sud-africain Bryan Habana, vedette mondiale du rugby et recrue phare du RC Toulon, a ete presente officiellement a la presse avant-hier mercredi au lendemain de son arrivee a Toulon, oE il pourrait meme disputer son premier match ce vendredi en amical.
Eleven chapters discuss disputing procedures, negotiation, the practice of mediation, fairness and quality in mediation, mediation confidentiality, representing a client in mediation, arbitration, designing disputer resolution processes and systems, dispute resolution and the justice system, future directions, and contemporary problems.
The thousands of customers who feel that they have been overcharged should use the free online tool Disputer at www.disputer.com.
According to research commissioned by free online complaints service, Disputer.com, 67% don't know they can claim from suppliers when they receive unsatisfactory service.
BNA International (BNAI; London) this month released "Disputer Resolution: ADR, Domain name Disputes and Litigation," a new report that carries information on the latest cases and approaches related to domain name disputes and the choice between alternative dispute resolution and litigation.