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1. Relating to, causing, or produced by disruption.
2. Radically reconfiguring a particular field of business, as by implementing new technologies or a more competitive business model: potential high returns from investing in disruptive companies.

dis·rup′tive·ly adv.
dis·rup′tive·ness n.
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the ability or nature to disrupt
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3.6 Process Technology Disruptiveness Opportunities
Koci is passionate about being creative and innovative in an industry that isn't always for its disruptiveness. Ms.
On the grounds of the character and disruptiveness of observational input, such designs may thoroughly do a disservice to individuals associated with particular categories or groups, rather than building exclusively upon specific merits, despite the possibility that the computing operation is unbiased and well-meant.
Politicians have perfected the art of deceit, manipulation and disruptiveness.
Right now, that looks like Lyft with its strong growth, industry disruptiveness, and huge opportunity.
Bowen III, University of Maryland, "Technological Disruptiveness and the Evolution of IPOs and Sell-Outs"
From stories of his disruptiveness as a youth, to his entrance into the Salt Lake City punk scene in his teens to learning how to manage his schizophrenia, Roberts writes with an openness and honesty that is much more than the facts of his life--it's an emotional odyssey.
In the first of two studies, Evans asked 96 online participants to rate the disruptiveness and functionality of humour as shown by either a male or female manager.
The disruptiveness in this sector which India is going to introduce in the startup ecosystem through the policies announced on 16th Jan, 2016 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Vigyan Bhawan will change the entire ecosystem.
Advanced targeted attacks and security vulnerabilities in software only add to the headaches brought by the disruptiveness of the Nexus of Forces, which brings mobile, cloud, social and Big Data together to deliver new business opportunities.
Table 1 Correlation Matrix for Disability Dimensions and Closeness to Death Aesthetics Concealability Course Disruptiveness Concealability -.11 Course .27 (**) .11 Disruptiveness .41 (**) -.10 .36 (**) Origin -.17 (**) .04 .05 .13 (*) Overtness .07 -.08 .39 (**) .36 (**) Peril .52 (**) .00 .31 (**) .32 (**) Response .21 (**) -.05 .21 (**) .31 (**) Risk -.12 .17 (**) -.13 (*) -.06 Closeness to .27 (**) -.01 .37 (**) .13 (**) death Origin Overtness Peril Response Risk Concealability Course Disruptiveness Origin Overtness .32 (**) Peril -.14 (*) .08 Response .15 (*) .30 (**) .23 (**) Risk .18 (**) -.03 -.13 (*) .06 Closeness to -.21 (**) .11 .34 (**) .09 -.27 (**) death (*) p<.05 (**) p<.01 Table 2 Predictors of Closeness to Death Variable B Std.