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1. Relating to, causing, or produced by disruption.
2. Radically reconfiguring a particular field of business, as by implementing new technologies or a more competitive business model: potential high returns from investing in disruptive companies.

dis·rup′tive·ly adv.
dis·rup′tive·ness n.


the ability or nature to disrupt
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The strategic significance of this Omani port lays not only in its dual maritime-mainline connectivity potential as part of a prospective GCC Silk Road project and/or a connector between East Africa-Mideast-Central Asia (the latter two per the Ashgabat Agreement that India recently acceded to), but also in its possible disruptiveness in the event that hostilities break out between India and Pakistan and/or China.
However, we have picked only one aspect of the technology to create fear of its disruptiveness.
For all his disruptiveness, Imran has not yet proved to be the great destroyer he is feared to be.
Top 100 Award winners are judged on the basis of 20 criteria, including disruptiveness in respective markets, social contributions, growth rates, technological advantages, and team composition and experience.
Stone and Colella (1996) identified the following six dimensions, or characteristics, of a disability as being paramount to explaining divergent outcomes for people with disabilities: aesthetic qualities, origin, course, concealability, disruptiveness, and danger or peril.
The emerging interdisciplinary research on stop-and-frisk has explored the inefficiency, disruptiveness, and racial disparities endemic to the practice (see, inter alia, Fagan and Geller 2010, Ferrandino 2013, Rosenfeld and Fornango 2014, Zeidman 2012).
The disruptiveness of the Trump administration can provide a means for the chain drug industry to advance its agenda, says NACDS president and chief executive officer Steve Anderson.
Advanced targeted attacks and security vulnerabilities in software only add to the headaches brought by the disruptiveness of the Nexus of Forces, which brings mobile, cloud, social and Big Data together to deliver new business opportunities.
The disruptiveness in this sector which India is going to introduce in the startup ecosystem through the policies announced on 16th Jan, 2016 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Vigyan Bhawan will change the entire ecosystem.
From this perspective, just like Ranciere's political theory, Johanna Takala's ambiguous presence leaves a little room for disruptiveness (whether this was considered as active or passive, as doing or non-doing) beyond its singular duration.
If my intent was to eliminate technology in my writing to avoid exploring the pervasiveness and, at times, disruptiveness of Technology, then all I was really doing was not using the thing to not talk about the idea.
30pm) Asif Moghal of Academy Award winning, 3D software designers, Autodesk will explore the way in which British manufacturing has developed to become an industry shaped by creativity and disruptiveness.