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 (dĭ-sĕkt′, dī-, dī′sĕkt′)
tr.v. dis·sect·ed, dis·sect·ing, dis·sects
1. To cut apart or separate (tissue), especially for anatomical study.
2. To examine, analyze, or criticize in minute detail: dissected the plan afterward to learn why it had failed.

[Latin dissecāre, dissect-, to cut apart : dis-, dis- + secāre, to cut up; see sek- in Indo-European roots.]

dis·sec′ti·ble adj.
dis·sec′tor n.
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The idiot, the Indian, the child and unschooled farmer's boy stand nearer to the light by which nature is to be read, than the dissector or the antiquary.
The Christina Ackland Memorial Education Award (Downs Distributors) for outstanding service to the perioperative community: Kathryn Fraser, Palmerston North Hospital, and a former editor Dissector, and
The nurse was disciplined but less than three weeks later she admitted that she hadn't noticed that a dissector was missing from a supplementary instrument kit being used during a lymph node operation.
On September 7, 1927, inventor Philo Farnsworth lugged his image dissector camera tube into another room in his San Francisco lab and then invited perspective investors to witness the operation of the world's first allelectronic television set.
This six-legged machine has a turret on top with dissector discs that you fire upon other Attacknids, causing their leg armour to fall off.
That's a shame, since O'Doherty, aka Patrick Ireland, excels at practical as well as theoretical work; he studied medicine and is as good a dissector as he is a reanitnator.
As a meticulous dissector of my articles, you ignore all my references to praise for the helmeted Horatios for confronting thugs, or indeed, my condemnation of the less than professional elements of the media for their one-sided coverage of events here.
At the beginning of the procedure, an instrument arm on the left side holds a bipolar device (a PK Dissector that is made by Gyrus ACMI for Intuitive Surgical), and one of two instrument arms on the right side holds the robotic scissors (the da Vinci HotShears).
News Dissector Danny Schechter directed the film Plunder the crime of our time and wrote a companion book viewing the financial crisis as a crime story.
Dissector pairs were taken from the tissue until the tissue sample was exhausted.