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 (dĭ-sĕkt′, dī-, dī′sĕkt′)
tr.v. dis·sect·ed, dis·sect·ing, dis·sects
1. To cut apart or separate (tissue), especially for anatomical study.
2. To examine, analyze, or criticize in minute detail: dissected the plan afterward to learn why it had failed.

[Latin dissecāre, dissect-, to cut apart : dis-, dis- + secāre, to cut up; see sek- in Indo-European roots.]

dis·sec′ti·ble adj.
dis·sec′tor n.
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The idiot, the Indian, the child and unschooled farmer's boy stand nearer to the light by which nature is to be read, than the dissector or the antiquary.
The June issue of The Dissector offers a focus on infection prevention and control with a number of articles looking at specific practices across the perioperative continuum.
The well-written but gruesome account is narrated in third person from the perspective of Nita, a teen with an unusual hobby: she is an expert dissector of the corpses of "unnaturals" brought home by her mother.
Chapters are organized to align with Grant??s Atlas of Anatomy and Grant??s Dissector. Online access to animations, case studies, and interactive questions is provided.
The unique shape of the shears mimics a mechanical dissector, which may reduce the need to use a separate dedicated dissecting instrument.
* The Stryker Best Article in the Dissector: Christchurch-based registered nurse first surgical assistant, Amelia Howard-Hill, with her article on compartment syndrome;
The nurse was disciplined but less than three weeks later she admitted that she hadn't noticed that a dissector was missing from a supplementary instrument kit being used during a lymph node operation.
Online Guided Gross Anatomy Dissector. Sinauer Associates, 23 Plumtree Road, Sunderland, MA, 01375; 413.549.4300; publish@sinauer.com; http://www.onlinedissector.com; individual subscriptions: $59.95; institutional subscriptions: 20 concurrent seats $750.00, additional blocks of 5 seats $187.50; institutional unlimited site license for 1 campus: $10,000.
This six-legged machine has a turret on top with dissector discs that you fire upon other Attacknids, causing their leg armour to fall off.
Combat Creature Attacknid - PS62.99 from www.smythstoys.com This remote control robot kit is from a new range called Combat Creatures - and they look like they're about to lead an invasion of wallets across the nation.This six-legged machine has a turret on top with dissector discs that you fire upon other Attacknids, causing their leg armour to fall off.Alternatively, you can strike the battle brain of your opposition three times and it'll shut down all its systems.You can have up to 40 of these in action at any one time - you'll be able to hear the melee from miles around!