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v. dis·sem·i·nat·ed, dis·sem·i·nat·ing, dis·sem·i·nates
1. To scatter widely, as in sowing seed.
2. To spread abroad; promulgate: disseminate news.
To become diffused; spread.

[Latin dissēmināre, dissēmināt- : dis-, dis- + sēmināre, to sow (from sēmen, sēmin-, seed; see sē- in Indo-European roots).]

dis·sem′i·na′tion n.
dis·sem′i·na′tor n.
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Noun1.disseminator - someone who spreads the news
communicator - a person who communicates with others
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He cast a furtive glance behind him in the hope that the disseminator of expiring roosters had vanished, but the man was still at his elbow.
The disseminators of this tale are the accusers whom I dread; for their hearers are apt to fancy that such enquirers do not believe in the existence of the gods.
Yes - and it is my belief that Eliza Millward and she, if not the very originators of the slanderous reports that have been propagated, were designedly the encouragers and chief disseminators of them.
Carbon Credit Capital is a wide disseminator of knowledge through print and media and a frequent speaker about carbon and clean energy markets.
A disseminator spreads news and information important to an organization's performance improvement opportunity.
In what appears to be a response to the growing fear, the Twitter account identified as @OscarHardTruth now claims to be the official disseminator of the truth.
An important goal of the grant program and APHA's role as a disseminator is to help extend health improvement programs especially in rural and frontier areas and communities that face significant barriers to better health.
The Institute acts as both a generator of original research on sustainable development issues and as a knowledge disseminator.
NALGAP has been a major referral source, a disseminator of information, an educator.
Christopher Tinson presents an analysis of the power of the printed word as a disseminator of black consciousness and activism.
The emphasis thus far in business education has been what the West can export to the East; and China has perhaps been too modest about its own role as a creator and disseminator of knowledge.
The channel, in addition to being a disseminator of news and information, continues to impact and empower the consumers as the most trusted and credible news brand in the country.