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v. dis·sem·i·nat·ed, dis·sem·i·nat·ing, dis·sem·i·nates
1. To scatter widely, as in sowing seed.
2. To spread abroad; promulgate: disseminate news.
To become diffused; spread.

[Latin dissēmināre, dissēmināt- : dis-, dis- + sēmināre, to sow (from sēmen, sēmin-, seed; see sē- in Indo-European roots).]

dis·sem′i·na′tion n.
dis·sem′i·na′tor n.
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Noun1.disseminator - someone who spreads the news
communicator - a person who communicates with others
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He cast a furtive glance behind him in the hope that the disseminator of expiring roosters had vanished, but the man was still at his elbow.
'Yes - and it is my belief that Eliza Millward and she, if not the very originators of the slanderous reports that have been propagated, were designedly the encouragers and chief disseminators of them.
The disseminators of this tale are the accusers whom I dread; for their hearers are apt to fancy that such enquirers do not believe in the existence of the gods.
This edition has new coverage of social media as a disseminator of propaganda; updated case studies to demonstrate their relevance to past and contemporary culture and the study of propaganda campaigns; new coverage of how a propaganda case study can be structured to reveal the components of a campaign; a new case study on climate change and propaganda to replace the tobacco case study; a new section on demagoguery; updated research on persuasion and expanded coverage of collective memory; current examples of propaganda, including the ways it is disseminated on the internet; a new appendix on cyber propaganda; and new illustrations and photos.
Mocha Uson will also attend, like everyone else who wants to be a disseminator for federalism,' he also said.
Gone are the days when newspapers and television were the only opinion makers; in these times, social media has been the biggest disseminator of knowledge among people of all ages.
To me she was a mentor, a critic (when I needed it) and a disseminator of sage advice.
In this context, simply sharing or liking a post becomes your voice -- you speak out by becoming a disseminator.
Police believe the first "disseminator" had downloaded their mug shots before modifying and posting them.
Terming media is an important pillar of the state, the IGP said in the modern world, the role of media has been transformed from information disseminator to that of opinion-maker and educationist.
Low rates of vaccination against hepatitis B were found among adolescents and young adults in the present study, highlighting the need for preventive actions towards this population segment, vulnerable and a potential disseminator of this infection.
Carbon Credit Capital is a wide disseminator of knowledge through print and media and a frequent speaker about carbon and clean energy markets.