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A reproductive plant part, such as a seed, fruit, or spore, that is modified for dispersal. Also called diaspore.


(Botany) any propagative part of a plant, such as a seed or spore, that helps to spread the species
[C20: from disseminate + -ule]


(dɪˈsɛm əˌnyul)

any propagative part of a plant, as a bud, seed, or spore.
[1900–05; probably dissemin (ate) + -ule]
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Schenkiella genus novum, thorny disseminules of unknown affinities from the lower Miocene of central Europe.
The Galapagos have received most plant-species introductions by avifaunal transport (up to 60%), including fruits, seeds, or vegetative disseminules carried internally or attached externally (Porter 1976).
Dispersal of aquatic organisms: viability of disseminules recovered from the intestinal tract of captive killdeer.
These disseminules resemble the mericarps of Apiaceae (Figs.
These relatively sturdy disseminules probably reached the floodplain where the stream abuts the rocky valley wall.