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Dissenting, especially from the sentiment or policies of a majority.
A dissenter.

dis·sen′tience n.


dissenting, esp from the opinion of the majority
a dissenter
disˈsentience, disˈsentiency n
disˈsentiently adv


(dɪˈsɛn ʃənt)

1. dissenting, esp. from the opinion of the majority.
2. a person who dissents.
[1615–25; < Latin]
dis•sen′tience, dis•sen′tien•cy, n.
dis•sen′tient•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.dissentient - (of Catholics) refusing to attend services of the Church of England
unorthodox - breaking with convention or tradition; "an unorthodox lifestyle"
2.dissentient - disagreeing, especially with a majority
negative - expressing or consisting of a negation or refusal or denial


[dɪˈsenʃɪənt] (frm)
A. ADJ = dissenting
B. Ndisidente mf
References in classic literature ?
There was not a dissentient voice on the subject, either when Mrs.
He smiled much less; when he said "Exactly" it was more often an introduction to a dissentient opinion than in those submissive bachelor days; and Dorothea found to her surprise that she had to resolve not to be afraid of him--all the more because he was really her best friend.
The other dissentient was a young child, who squalled at the fullest stretch of his lungs, and babbled some unintelligible nonsense about a pumpkin.
This joke satisfied some of those who had resisted Monk's first deduction drawn from the neighborhood of Lambert's army; the number of the dissentients diminished greatly; the guard took their posts, the patrols began, and the general continued his frugal repast beneath his open tent.
So it is difficult to disagree with the dissentient minority judgement of justice Psara-Miltiadou that on the facts as found by the court of trial there could be no conclusion other than that the defendant had knowingly and intentionally manipulated the market with the misleading statement he made even if his motive was to reassure the market.
"Professor Garner's quote goes on to say that '[t]here's a respectable dissentient view that this convention should be changed."
Although they form part of the public school system in many provinces and enjoy constitutional protection on their denominational nature, the peculiar context of separate and dissentient schools entails specific considerations for the balancing of conflicting rights and freedoms when teachers' fidelity to faith-based values are at stake (Young & Ryan, 2014; Clarke, 2013; Long & Magsino, 2009; Piddocke, Magsino, & Manley-Casimir, 1997).
More, when after 50 years of unbridled consumerism and promiscuity raised a dissentient army that questioned the pillars of post-war consensus and that too from the right of the political spectrum, it was brushed aside as bigoted lunacy, which would like to drag the West back into the Dark Ages.
In exchange for her freedom, she had the sad consolation of having the state exclude, at least so far as the law went, all heretical or dissentient communions.
They are weaker than conventions because they are not enforceable according to international law;[241 for this reason, the word 'should' instead of 'would' is found in the declaration [25] Nevertheless, the fact that the general assembly of the UN unanimously accepted the instrument with its universal aim, without any notated dissentient vote, reserves or qualifications, means the value of the instrument is not merely symbolic.