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v. dis·solved, dis·solv·ing, dis·solves
a. To cause to pass into solution: dissolve salt in water.
b. To reduce (solid matter) to liquid form; melt.
c. To cause to lose definition; blend or blur: "Morality has finally been dissolved in pity" (Leslie Fiedler).
a. To cause to disappear or vanish; dispel: The sun dissolved the fog. That remark dissolved the tension in the room.
b. To break into component parts; disintegrate: The deal dissolved the company into three separate businesses.
c. To bring to an end, as by breaking up; terminate or annul: "General de Gaulle was returned to power ... with a mandate to dissolve an overseas empire that had turned into a nightmare" (Alison Jolly).
d. To dismiss (an assembly such as a legislative body).
3. To cause to be moved emotionally or upset.
a. To pass into solution: Salt dissolves easily in water.
b. To become liquid; melt: The clumps of snow dissolved into puddles.
c. To lose definition; become blurred or indistinguishable: "The last shadows have dissolved into darkness" (Daniel Blajan).
a. To become disintegrated; disappear: The mist dissolves as the sun rises.
b. To be broken up into separate parts: The empire dissolved into many separate countries.
c. To be brought to an end; be annulled or terminated: After a long separation, the marriage finally dissolved.
3. To be moved or overcome emotionally: I dissolved into helpless laughter.
4. To make a transition between shots in a cinematic work using a superimposition in which the first shot fades out while the second shot gradually appears.
A transition in a cinematic work consisting of a superimposition in which the first shot fades out while the second shot gradually appears. Also called lap dissolve.

[Middle English dissolven, from Latin dissolvere : dis-, dis- + solvere, to release; see leu- in Indo-European roots.]

dis·solv′a·ble adj.
dis·solv′er n.
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Noun1.dissolver - a liquid substance capable of dissolving other substancesdissolver - a liquid substance capable of dissolving other substances; "the solvent does not change its state in forming a solution"
acetone, dimethyl ketone, propanone - the simplest ketone; a highly inflammable liquid widely used as an organic solvent and as material for making plastics
chlorobenzene - a colorless volatile flammable liquid with an almond odor that is made from chlorine and benzene; used as a solvent and in the production of phenol and DDT and other organic compounds
carbolic acid, hydroxybenzene, oxybenzene, phenylic acid, phenol - a toxic white soluble crystalline acidic derivative of benzene; used in manufacturing and as a disinfectant and antiseptic; poisonous if taken internally
carbon tet, carbon tetrachloride, perchloromethane, tetrachloromethane - a colorless nonflammable liquid used as a solvent for fats and oils; because of its toxicity its use as a cleaning fluid or fire extinguisher has declined
medium - an intervening substance through which something is achieved; "the dissolving medium is called a solvent"
hexane - a colorless flammable liquid alkane derived from petroleum and used as a solvent
menstruum - (archaic) a solvent
naphtha - any of various volatile flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixtures; used chiefly as solvents
remover - a solvent that removes a substance (usually from a surface); "paint remover"; "rust remover"; "hair remover"
alcahest, alkahest, universal solvent - hypothetical universal solvent once sought by alchemists
methylbenzene, toluene - a colorless flammable liquid obtained from petroleum or coal tar; used as a solvent for gums and lacquers and in high-octane fuels
xylene, xylol - a colorless flammable volatile liquid hydrocarbon used as a solvent
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The glasses also have advantages in terms of safety, since they inform the workers if they come too close to the machinery involved, for instance, if they stand too near to the dissolver.
It was called 'Virgin Mary Dissolver of Iron Church,' which is a reference to a miracle that occurred to saint Matthias when the virgin was alive, it is believed.
Esses planos elevados provocam certa vertigem, enfraquecem as medidas e tendem a dissolver os limites (Spaniol, 2016).
Until the changeover to BDK 2000 G, Jahnke used an electronic dosing and mixing unit to whisk sugar, glucose and water together, a mixture that was then added to the pressure dissolver.
It performs best when applied with one of the Mega Foam systems, which draw the dissolver directly from the shipping container through a hose and trigger gun wand.
Counter to the standard practice of allowing scale to form and relying on a chelating option or dissolver for removal, the new Scaletreat FeS prevents scale formation in the first place, and the resultant damage, at considerably lower dosages than existing chemistries, such as THPS (tetrakis hydroxymethyl phosphonium sulphate) and Acrolein, said the company in a press release.
However, to eliminate the use of flammable and malodorous xylene or d-limonene (Hemo-De), some companies have developed special, presumably less toxic, chemicals, making possible fast and efficient solubilization, phase separation, and removal of paraffin, such as Q-solution (TrimGen, Sparks, MD, USA), Deparaffinization solution (Qiagen, Hilden, Germany), BiOstic Paraffin Removal Reagent (MO BIO Laboratories, Carlsbad, CA, USA), and Paraffin Dissolver A (Exiqon, Vedbaek, Denmark).
The negative discoverer is the historic dissolver of illusions.
The Pope ideally is a dissolver, not a promoter of barriers that separate institutions, sectors from those deemed unworthy or less in status," Reyes said.
Once a toffee mix has been produced, the sticky liquid is transferred to the dissolver where it is raised to 85 C in order to dissolve the sugar.
Segundo Bianchetti & Ramos (1981), os diversos tratamentos usados para superar esse tipo de dormencia baseiam-se no principio de dissolver a camada cuticular cerosa ou formar estrias/perfuracoes no tegumento das sementes.
No que diz respeito a Machado de Assis: "Aquela excepcionalidade que caracteriza o realismo brasileiro, aliada as conciliacoes exteriores e a essa caracteristica ideologico-estilistica de sua obra, impediram que Machado de Assis exercesse uma influencia positiva imediata no sentido de dissolver a continuidade das tendencias 'intimistas' (6)".